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A cold wet fish for example

Here beginneth the second lesson. Oops. Getting a bit carried away with beginneths and endeths it seems. How I should have started was “Here’s the second of this week’s two-part post”. On the other hand, “lesson” is just about the … Continue reading

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A bit pleased

That photo themes project to which I contribute seems to have occupied a fair bit of my time this month… already! Whereas I normally submit just one pic (or two if they’re really lucky) I’ve already submitted three this month, … Continue reading

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Latest on the GX20 saga

There were three issues that concerned me… under-exposure, loss of detail/resolution, and an inaccurate colour-cast. There’s also the matter of the large file sizes. Though that’s not really an issue… more of an inconvenience that’ll no longer be a problem … Continue reading

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Samsung GX20 colour test #1 and #2

Clearly there’s some sort of colour issue going on with the GX20, as was revealed by yesterday’s “play shots”. Well, nothing like the present for starting to tackle this issue, so went out early this morning (bright and sunny) to … Continue reading

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More tinkering with white balance

Having had a bit of fun tinkering with the manual adjustment of white balance on the GX10 (see this post), was feeling a bit adventurous so thought I’d see if anything similar were possible with my point & shoot, a … Continue reading

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