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Would someone be kind enough to enlighten me please

Sometimes, when I have nothing better to do, I’ll take a peek at the stats page of this blog. Its kinda interesting to see how many folk have visited, the posts they’ve checked out, and so on. Its also kinda … Continue reading

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Taken with camera attached very securely to tripod…

Some things are simply too… er… “good” to not be shared. The following started out as a two-paragraph reply to a comment on one of my pics on Flickr. But I’m afraid I got rather carried away (I know, I … Continue reading

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Tripod troubles

Having related an account of last Monday’s “bonus session” one would’ve thought I’d have been quite satisfied with the day, wouldn’t one? Yes, one would. But oh no, not me. That’s just far too easy and straightforward. For although the … Continue reading

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Unmitigated stupidity

Here we are then. End of day. Me and mate. In The Bear. His shift about to end. An hour or so to kill. “So”, sez I, “we up for some photos then?” What with him not having done anything … Continue reading

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Tripod hazards

Since first acquiring it I’ve treated myself to a couple of shortish sessions with the Slik tripod (see this post) and I’m still awed by its ease of use and rock-solid stability. Its as much as I can do to … Continue reading

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