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With a modern twist

Well, that all came and went rather quickly didn’t it? Samhain I mean. You know… Halloween, All Hallows Eve, whatever. But then, my sense of time passing always does tend to get a bit distorted this end of the season. … Continue reading

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Full of strange outdated ideas

Not so very long ago (early part of May to be precise… er… relatively precise) “mate” (note the quotes, to indicate I’m using this term in its broadest and most charitable sense) set hisself up a new blog. And me, … Continue reading

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He’s just worried it’ll shrink

There I was then, waiting at the bus shelter. For the bus. Of course. Why else would I wait at a bus shelter? (Don’t answer that!) Into town. Where I’d hook up with mate. And no doubt we’d go for … Continue reading

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Sneakily tinkering with stuff

Am I imagining things, or is WordPress pulling a fast one? Changed over to this blog theme a coupla weeks or so ago and, apart from a few incredibly minor little things (most of which I’ve now sorted anyway) I’m … Continue reading

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All change… once again!

And this time not even a year’s gone by! Well, it was like this see… those lovely folk at WordPress have just introduced yet another new theme. Called “Twenty Ten” and, would you believe, apparently its to be the new … Continue reading

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