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Back at the old haunt

Well, what a thoroughly miserable little photo sesh that was. More like a photo hiccup really. In fairness to me though (and let’s face it, I have to be fair to me… cos no-one else will be. Poor, downtrodden, unfairly … Continue reading

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Maybe I was a bit too complacent

Hmm. Maybe I was a bit too complacent about that new beer monitoring gizmo The Bear’s recently had installed (see last post). Maybe, for once in his life, mate was actually on to something in being a bit suspicious of … Continue reading

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The Bear’s gone all HiTech

There’s some sort of strange thing lurking under the bar at The Bear! Only recently appeared there too. “What is it?” I ask myself. “Some sort of explosive device, planted there by mate as part of his cunning plan to … Continue reading

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A load of old bols

Was a bit late getting into town Wednesday, prob’ly cos I’m a bone-idle sod that can’t get his act together. Consequently not much time to have a mooch around taking piccies. But no big deal… for I had a cunning … Continue reading

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A really strange sense of deja vu

Subtitled… Strange how compulsive this blogging nonsense can become. In an underhanded, sneaky, creeping up from behind and jumping out on you when you’re least expecting it sort of way. There’s me, not having blogged anything for, oh, at least … Continue reading

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