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Twesting twesting twesting

Hmm. Right. So it seems that the good ol’ WordPress crew have introduced yet another new feature… displaying tweets in a post! Hmm. Right. So I thought I’d give it a try to see how it all works. What they … Continue reading

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Completely out of the blue

Oh glee, they’ve arrived! Delivered yesterday morning in fact. Prints! Lots of prints. Black and white prints. I’ve been awaiting their arrival with a mix of hopeful anticipation and trepidation… expecting to be disappointed but hoping I wouldn’t be. And, … Continue reading

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Testing testing testing

What a right pain this is, having to test out new stuff. All cos mate (curse his hide) wants us to try doing something clever blog-wise. Well, that’ll be a first. So basically this is a test post using the … Continue reading

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The pics are meant to be crappy!

Well, its sort of photo-related so I guess I’d best make mention of it here. So, it was like this see… Coupla mates and I have been nattering on and off for, oh, I don’t know how long, about how … Continue reading

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A real cheapie affair

Who remembers this little beauty? Well, those who do may also recollect that I had three accompanying lenses foisted off on me by that nasty vindictive “mate” of mine. Nordic oaf! So I went out and about with the 50mm … Continue reading

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