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Now, where was I?

I do believe I may occasionally, in the past, have chuntered on about workflow. Possibly. A big thing with me, workflow is. I reckon I’ve just about honed it down to a fine art. And practically the final step in … Continue reading

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Kind of neat

Since first getting into (or being infected by… depending on your point of view) this black and white caper my general approach has been to take photographs with the specific intention of their ending up as black and white. (Er… … Continue reading

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One of my bright ideas…

I know it must be bedtime when I catch myself falling asleep over the keyboard. Literally. As in head touching keys sort of thing. And so it was… er… this morning. At about half-six in fact. After having spent a … Continue reading

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A really strange sense of deja vu

Subtitled… Strange how compulsive this blogging nonsense can become. In an underhanded, sneaky, creeping up from behind and jumping out on you when you’re least expecting it sort of way. There’s me, not having blogged anything for, oh, at least … Continue reading

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This is not the camera its meant to be

… or indeed the camera I’d originally intended to get. Oh dear me no. Y’see, ever since totally trashing my last point’n’shoot, a Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6 (the sad tale’s here if you’re really interested), I’ve been promising myself a … Continue reading

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