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Damned circumstances!

Circumstances can make a liar of anyone. I know. Cos they’ve done it to me, dammit! Double dammit in fact. Grrr! It all started a week or so ago (um… a bit over two weeks actually, but who’s counting) with … Continue reading

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I haven’t been totally idle

My, what a busy little person I’ve been… knocking out a whole flurry of blogposts. “So where are they then?” did I hear someone ask? Or was that just one of my hallucinations? Yeah, well, that’s the thing y’see. They’re … Continue reading

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Work? Don’t talk to me about work. It’s just one long drudge from start to finish. The trick is, to enjoy what you’re working at, then it’s not like work at all. It’s more like play; having fun… and getting … Continue reading

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A bit of nonsense really

Hmm. Getting a bit fed up with all these colour pics I appear to have been doing recently. Time to be getting back to the good old black and white I’m thinking. And don’t anyone dare mention my original opinion … Continue reading

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Peanut butter

Most of the time I seem to find myself in either a state of amazement, or confusion. Sometimes the two are linked. Like, for example, when all too frequently I find myself amazed by all the things I don’t know. … Continue reading

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