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The day’s shaping up nicely

Today had all the makings of one of those days that you really wish hadn’t happened… but then are rather pleased did. Started off with me supposed to be doing a little jobbie today. All very straightforward, nothing particularly complicated… … Continue reading

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Apple pie and custard please

Here we are then, back in the old routine of photo-jaunting with mates (using that word in the loosest possible sense). Hims #1 and #2 this time. Last week it was that him#2 suggests a little trip out somewhere, mentioning … Continue reading

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He’s just worried it’ll shrink

There I was then, waiting at the bus shelter. For the bus. Of course. Why else would I wait at a bus shelter? (Don’t answer that!) Into town. Where I’d hook up with mate. And no doubt we’d go for … Continue reading

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The early morning visitor

Saturday morning… er… early Saturday morning, and its raining. That light sort of rain that you don’t really think much about until you’ve been out in it for about a half-hour or so and suddenly realise you’re soaking wet. As … Continue reading

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Not an especially auspicious start

Not an especially auspicious start to the month. 1st of May, mid-evening, and the rain starts hammering down. And, although easing off a little, carries on raining throughout most of the night. And no, I didn’t get any pics! Circumstances, … Continue reading

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