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It’s all subjective

Due to a rather unfortunate discovery reported in a previous post I’ve had cause to drag out the GX20 and start playing with it again. (The Samsung GX20 that’d be.) 😦 The mournfulness is occasioned by a number of things… … Continue reading

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Playtime! Yippee!

Tuesday. If you read my post about yesterday you’ll understand just how much of a disaster the day turned out to be… at least in terms of my intentions of first thing in the morning! Well, today I’m more than … Continue reading

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Colour Calibration of Monitors

After climbing on board the digital photography bandwagon I invested in a new laptop (to add to my mysteriously growing collection of computers… any excuse to get a new toy to play with) primarily to handle all my photo, media, … Continue reading

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Dismayed, disheartened, discoffee tastes foul…

Dunno what I did to this mug of coffee, but its horrible. A huge disappointment and not at all up to my expectations. I know I can do better… dammit, I drink enough of the stuff. Frustrating! Bit like my … Continue reading

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A beginner’s thoughts on post-processing

Trawling through a friend’s blog the other day I came across an article discussing some aspects of a topic with which my thoughts have been much engaged recently… image processing/manipulation. “In the downside, I mentioned one of the problems is … Continue reading

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