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Oh what exciting times

A mate sent me a link to this article earlier today, “For God’s sake, somebody call it!”, in which Neil Burgess, after some explanation, calls “time of death” on photojournalism. (That being “11.12. GMT 1st August 2010”! Yeah. Right.) He’s … Continue reading

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Quickly in passing

Hmm. Just thought I’d mention this, quickly, “in passing” so to speak. Apparently the Picture Editors’ Guild has launched a new contest to recognise the work of press photographers… with a category dedicated to citizen photojournalists wouldya believe! More info … Continue reading

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And check the blog

Hmm. Just been reading “Our Gigantic Impulse Control Disorder” (which, in turn, is a commentary on another blog post by some guy named Chris Brogan). And I wish I hadn’t. Cos it seems I now have to add something else … Continue reading

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A few grand would come in mighty handy

A little while back I rabbited on a bit about incidents of alleged harassment of photographers by the cops, private security types, and even paranoid joe public. My take on a lot of these incidents is that many of them … Continue reading

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Not my best effort at all

Another day, another event. This time in Brighton, for the smashEDO Mayday Street Party (and march, and various other “activities”!). They called it “Mayday” but it was actually on Monday, the 4th. A sort of token Bank Holiday. (You can … Continue reading

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