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Another day another dollar…

another month another… mollar? No, that’s not right. In fact, its plain damn stupid. [Best I get my head sorted out before someone finally susses that I’ve totally lost the plot.] Anyway, the point being… here we are, another month, … Continue reading

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Beware the ides of March

Ides? Wot the hell are ides then? All I know is, it’s a line from one of ol’ Bill Shakespeare’s plays… Julius Caesar to be precise: Julius Caesar: Who is it in the press that calls on me? I hear … Continue reading

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Update February 2011

How’s that for a truly unimaginative post title? Sometimes I do believe I excel myself. Anyway… yep, I’m still ’ere! Er. Not, actually. Not “here” as in “here on WordPress” that is. As in starting to post stuff again; as … Continue reading

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Damned circumstances!

Circumstances can make a liar of anyone. I know. Cos they’ve done it to me, dammit! Double dammit in fact. Grrr! It all started a week or so ago (um… a bit over two weeks actually, but who’s counting) with … Continue reading

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Back at the old haunt

Well, what a thoroughly miserable little photo sesh that was. More like a photo hiccup really. In fairness to me though (and let’s face it, I have to be fair to me… cos no-one else will be. Poor, downtrodden, unfairly … Continue reading

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