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Enough of the excuses

I dunno, there really is no hope for me. You’d think that by now I would’ve learned what’s worth attempting and what isn’t. Wouldn’t you? But nope, not a bit of it. Seems there’s this perverse streak in me that … Continue reading

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One day I may manage to get it right

Ok, so I dismally failed to get even one single Moon pic yesterday evening… but I did manage to get some snow pics last night! Yep, it snowed once again here in jolly old Bedford. For all of five minutes. … Continue reading

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Well and truly p****d off

I’m in a b a d mood… a really really bad mood! Prob’ly won’t last long though. All of about five minutes knowing me. Why the bad mood? No pics. Not a one. And one was all I wanted. Just … Continue reading

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Bloody weathermen #2

This is a continuation of the immediately preceding post… …necessitated because the promised snow finally arrived! Mid-evening, when it was too bloody dark to get any decent pics of it. Though I would have taken a few more. But it … Continue reading

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Serving no useful purpose whatsoever

Just occasionally I catch myself doing some real nutty things. Yep, I know that may surprise folk but its true, I promise you. And this evening (given I’m writing this at half-threeish in the morning, last night it would have … Continue reading

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