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Blogger Basics: Copyright (via Reid All About It)

Copyright, and copyright infringement, is an issue that much exercises the minds of photographers, especially (although not exclusively) professional photographers. So, when I spotted this article on “Freshly Pressed”, and being both a blogger and a photographer, it was almost … Continue reading

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Control of the Media

What would we do without mates eh? A mate of mine sends me this ’ere link to a story on a blog named “The Economic Collapse”. In a general sense there’s nowt much in it that I didn’t already know… … Continue reading

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Oh what exciting times

A mate sent me a link to this article earlier today, “For God’s sake, somebody call it!”, in which Neil Burgess, after some explanation, calls “time of death” on photojournalism. (That being “11.12. GMT 1st August 2010”! Yeah. Right.) He’s … Continue reading

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Quickly in passing

Hmm. Just thought I’d mention this, quickly, “in passing” so to speak. Apparently the Picture Editors’ Guild has launched a new contest to recognise the work of press photographers… with a category dedicated to citizen photojournalists wouldya believe! More info … Continue reading

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I’m not totally closed-minded

Logging into the blog this afternoon I spot there’s another of those WordPress announcements popping up in the dashboard… cos I’m observant like that. And, good little WP fan that I am, I click the link to see what it’s … Continue reading

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