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Kind of neat

Since first getting into (or being infected by… depending on your point of view) this black and white caper my general approach has been to take photographs with the specific intention of their ending up as black and white. (Er… … Continue reading

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The day’s shaping up nicely

Today had all the makings of one of those days that you really wish hadn’t happened… but then are rather pleased did. Started off with me supposed to be doing a little jobbie today. All very straightforward, nothing particularly complicated… … Continue reading

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It’s all very worrying

I’ve suddenly realised that the last three posts here have been totally pic-less! On what’s supposed to be, nominally at least, some sort of photoblog. Well, ok then, a blog loosely related to photography. Or pics. Or something. Even so. … Continue reading

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Dammit I know that feeling!

If you’ve ever checked out the embedded RSS feed in the sidebar here you’ll have noticed I’m dragging stuff from a blog with the name “The Online Photographer” (TOP for short!). It also happens to be one of the blogs … Continue reading

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A little moment of madness

Now there’s one thing you have to understand before I proceed with my account of this morning’s little moment of madness. When I talk (figuratively that is; i.e., for those with a penchant for taking things literally talk = write … Continue reading

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