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Damned circumstances!

Circumstances can make a liar of anyone. I know. Cos they’ve done it to me, dammit! Double dammit in fact. Grrr! It all started a week or so ago (um… a bit over two weeks actually, but who’s counting) with … Continue reading

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Back at the old haunt

Well, what a thoroughly miserable little photo sesh that was. More like a photo hiccup really. In fairness to me though (and let’s face it, I have to be fair to me… cos no-one else will be. Poor, downtrodden, unfairly … Continue reading

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Work? Don’t talk to me about work. It’s just one long drudge from start to finish. The trick is, to enjoy what you’re working at, then it’s not like work at all. It’s more like play; having fun… and getting … Continue reading

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Control of the Media

What would we do without mates eh? A mate of mine sends me this ’ere link to a story on a blog named “The Economic Collapse”. In a general sense there’s nowt much in it that I didn’t already know… … Continue reading

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The Idiots Visit The Tidytip

Time for a Spring Clean methinks. It is Spring, isn’t it? It isn’t? Oh well, not to worry. Means I don’t need to do a full Spring Clean. Jolly good. Fact is, I’ve been thinking for ages now that it’s … Continue reading

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