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Beware the ides of March

Ides? Wot the hell are ides then? All I know is, it’s a line from one of ol’ Bill Shakespeare’s plays… Julius Caesar to be precise: Julius Caesar: Who is it in the press that calls on me? I hear … Continue reading

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Update February 2011

How’s that for a truly unimaginative post title? Sometimes I do believe I excel myself. Anyway… yep, I’m still ’ere! Er. Not, actually. Not “here” as in “here on WordPress” that is. As in starting to post stuff again; as … Continue reading

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Dark clouds of misery

Even as I write an overwhelming sense of gloom pervades the house. Wandering from room to room disconsolately seeking out… ah, too soon to tell… something, dark clouds of misery are my constant companion. Oh, what ails me so? No … Continue reading

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