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Scrabbling around amongst the joists

Should there be the slightest doubt or suspicion that my claim to idiocy is unwarranted or even mildly exaggerated then rest assured that it’s totally justified. The claim that is… not the doubt or suspicion. And I can prove it … Continue reading

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I hadn’t actually taken into account a little thing known as reality

Don’t you just hate it when an idea doesn’t quite work out as you expect… or want? In fact, never mind that “quite” business… when it doesn’t work out at all as you expect. Y’see, I had this rather neat … Continue reading

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Best friends

Arrgggh… it’s that time of year again! The time of year when you find out who your real best friends are. And in this particular instance my best friends seem to be the three chappies pictured above. Colds? I hate … Continue reading

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The day the door fell off

Most of the time I’m a creature of habit; of routines. Most of the time. Except when I’m not. I like routines. Routines are comfortable. And helpful. They mean I get stuff done, generally boring trivial stuff, without having to … Continue reading

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Unplanned encounter with random sunlight

Its happened again! There was me, en route to kitchen to top up the coffee mug when stray sunlight falling onto the “carpet festooned with garden stuff dragged in by careless feet” in the hallway (“hallway” being a rather grand … Continue reading

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