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Terrorists fed up at being treated like photographers!

Terrorists have definitely been having a hard time of it lately, what with all the State’s attention rightly being focussed on harassing evil-intentioned photographers and their highly suspicious activities. Like taking photographs for example. How unbelievably dastardly of them. Well, … Continue reading

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See… I knew Flickr was good for something!

Check out Photographers protest over security guard ‘harassment’ by Chris Cheesman, writing for “Amateur Photographer”. Photographers who say they are fed up with being ‘harassed’ by private security guards and street wardens took part in a ‘flash mob’ in Manchester … Continue reading

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Well Officer, you jolly well will accompany me to the station!

Amidst all the tales of unfortunate encounters between cops and photographers that have been floating around in recent months, one occasionally comes across something that brings a light to the eye and a chuckle to the throat. Often of course … Continue reading

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Big Trouble in St. Paul over Journalist Arrests

The shape of things to come for all citizen journalists and all photojournalist types who choose not to follow the msm line maybe?… “Journalists and St. Paul citizens assembled outside St. Paul City Hall today to deliver more than 60,000 … Continue reading

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Losing the Battle against Police Misconduct

Just read this disturbing post on injusticeinseattle.blogspot.com. “Slowly, but steadily, we are losing the battle against police misconduct… Police unions and other organizations designed to increase the influence of the police in the political arena are growing rapidly in number … Continue reading

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