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Five billion and climbing

I’ve just learned that September 18th 2010 was a monumentally significant day. Er. Well, okay, maybe not that significant. Or that monumental. But interesting nevertheless. In a vague kind of way. For apparently it was the day that Flickr (the … Continue reading

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The day’s shaping up nicely

Today had all the makings of one of those days that you really wish hadn’t happened… but then are rather pleased did. Started off with me supposed to be doing a little jobbie today. All very straightforward, nothing particularly complicated… … Continue reading

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See… I knew Flickr was good for something!

Check out Photographers protest over security guard ‘harassment’ by Chris Cheesman, writing for “Amateur Photographer”. Photographers who say they are fed up with being ‘harassed’ by private security guards and street wardens took part in a ‘flash mob’ in Manchester … Continue reading

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Flickr’s new Photo Page (via Technogran’s tittle tattle)

Here we have that techiewizz (the aptly named Technogran) posting about Flickr’s new photo page that I first came across a couple of days ago and of which became an instant fan. She makes a much better job of describing … Continue reading

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The dawn of photography?

From the Boston Globe… SALEM — In a dark corner of a back room at the Peabody Essex Museum, the curator stumbled upon a faded shoebox. Inside was a small treasure wrapped in paper: a gold-framed daguerreotype showing a Parisian … Continue reading

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