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Did I lose my marbles?

Just about a year or so ago I spent a week living out of a tent on Blackheath Common in London. Along with a load of other people. Not in the same tent of course… fortunately we all had our … Continue reading

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Photographers are always moaning

Wot’s all this ’ere then… photographers moaning? But surely, photographers are always moaning… aren’t they? That’s what makes it all worthwhile, innit? Isn’t it compulsory sorta thing? Leastways, I’m sure that’s one of the reasons I got into the whole … Continue reading

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As of Sunday 3rd (i.e., the day after tomorrow!) don’t expect much activity on this blog for a few days. Well, prob’ly closer to a coupla weeks actually. For I be off on my rambles again. This time to the … Continue reading

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Not meant to be!

It may have appeared that I’ve been a bit busy the past coupla weeks or so, and that impression’s not wrong… but not half as busy as I should have been, or planned to be! For last Monday what I … Continue reading

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So where’ve I been then?

Certain persons that shall remain nameless (and who should know better!) have been querying the recent interruption to the seeming regularity of my posts. Hmm. Obviously I’m posting far too frequently in that case! However, just to set everyone’s minds … Continue reading

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