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The Idiots Visit The Tidytip

Time for a Spring Clean methinks. It is Spring, isn’t it? It isn’t? Oh well, not to worry. Means I don’t need to do a full Spring Clean. Jolly good. Fact is, I’ve been thinking for ages now that it’s … Continue reading

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An underlying irregularity

If you appreciate concise, tightly written articles that synthesise everything needing to be said about a topic into a couple of paragraphs then stop reading. Right now! There. Is that brief enough? If you enjoy articles that directly address the … Continue reading

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Utterly and totally reprehensible

I don’t believe it! Its disgraceful. Utterly and totally reprehensible. Mate and I. Last night. Together. All night! Well, until about half four in the morning anyway. Doing stuff. On the bloody infernal machine. And anyone who thought this was … Continue reading

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Watching paint dry

Offhand I can think of few things more boring than being sat in a room in the middle of the night watching computers not misbehaving themselves. Well, actually I can. And that’s being sat in a room on your own … Continue reading

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The devil finds work for idle hands

Yep. Still messing with black and white. Still sussing out what works and what doesn’t. Still bored out of my skull with this little bit of “extra work” I’ve taken on that seems to entail not a great deal more … Continue reading

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