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A cold wet fish for example

Here beginneth the second lesson. Oops. Getting a bit carried away with beginneths and endeths it seems. How I should have started was “Here’s the second of this week’s two-part post”. On the other hand, “lesson” is just about the … Continue reading

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Samsung GX20 update

Regular visitors here may recollect the travails I had with my newest camera, the Samsung GX20 (latest dSLR addition to their line, and their “flagship” camera so to speak). Said regular visitors may also have noted how strangely quiet I’ve … Continue reading

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Ok, so I’m an idiot

…so what’s new? Regular visitors to this blog (all three or four of them) will be somewhat aware of the tussles I’ve been having with the Samsung GX20 dSLR that’s recently come into my possession. More particularly, with the colour … Continue reading

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