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With a modern twist

Well, that all came and went rather quickly didn’t it? Samhain I mean. You know… Halloween, All Hallows Eve, whatever. But then, my sense of time passing always does tend to get a bit distorted this end of the season. … Continue reading

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Delving into the murky depths of black and white

Here we are then, as threatened in my last post, once more delving into the murky depths of black and white. And real murky the delving proved to be too! Both content-wise and… um… literally. I mean, I know I … Continue reading

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Ah, happy days

Great joy and celebration! That intensely boring, soul-destroying, leaden-weight-on-the-shoulders little bit of extra work I took on a few weeks back has finally come to an end! Just as well really cos I was beginning to get a bit fed … Continue reading

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Things can always get worse

Hallowe’en, All Hallows Eve, Samhain, Samhuinn… call it what you will. For my little bunch of folk its the start of another year, and all I hope is it’ll be a bloody sight better than this last one’s been. Don’t … Continue reading

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Some people are never satisfied

O joyous times! Cause for much celebration and drinks all round! Er… no! After much wailing and gnashing of teeth mate is reunited with his beloved Pentax following its period of unwellness. He kept trying to tell me that it … Continue reading

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