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I haven’t been totally idle

My, what a busy little person I’ve been… knocking out a whole flurry of blogposts. “So where are they then?” did I hear someone ask? Or was that just one of my hallucinations? Yeah, well, that’s the thing y’see. They’re … Continue reading

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My own uniquely sloth-like fashion

Hmm. Seems that the dire shortage of new pics continues! Possibly accounted for by the fact that for the past few days I’ve been busy (busy in my own uniquely sloth-like fashion that is) organising stuff for an upcoming little … Continue reading

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Still moaning about it

Oh what a busy little bee am I. A busy little bee indeed. Dammit! Why didn’t Gilbert & Sullivan write a song about that? It sounds exactly the sort of thing they could have written a song around. Then I … Continue reading

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