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The dawn of photography?

From the Boston Globe… SALEM — In a dark corner of a back room at the Peabody Essex Museum, the curator stumbled upon a faded shoebox. Inside was a small treasure wrapped in paper: a gold-framed daguerreotype showing a Parisian … Continue reading

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The evidence is right there, before our very eyes

This post actually started as a bit of an intermittent conversation between yours truly (with this other post) and a post by a photochum on his blog. A conversation initially about “doing one’s own thing“. Exploring and investigating for oneself … Continue reading

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What I call real art!

Many moons ago, way back in 1968 or thereabouts I do believe, I commissioned a mate to do a series of oil paintings on canvas for a little group with which I was associated. And practically ever since I’ve been … Continue reading

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… my latest “shot across the bows” in my continuing tussle with the “photographs as art” issue: Evopics! Hmm.

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Er… yes… precisely

There’s me, lurking in the Flickr Central group as I’m prone and there’s me spotting a thread “But is it art?”. So clearly my lurking’s gonna take a more specific turn. Heh heh. Well, apparently the thread was prompted by … Continue reading

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