Damned circumstances!


Circumstances can make a liar of anyone. I know. Cos they’ve done it to me, dammit! Double dammit in fact. Grrr!

It all started a week or so ago (um… a bit over two weeks actually, but who’s counting) with that students protest in London against the Government raising the cap on tuition fees. So I was inspired to write a few things about it (and related matters) over at my other blog, like I do.

And there’s me, thinking that’s an end to the matter. But all that writing and exercising of the old grey matter took a bit of time (having to think tends to do that at my time of life) and so I thought (thinking again y’see… yet more time wasted) I’d best post a little something on this ’ere blog. Just to let the regulars know why things may have seemed a bit quiet kinda thing. Cos I’m considerate like that.

As a result of which, I end up having this chat with Technogran and solemnly assuring her, in the most solemn way imaginable (for me at least) that “No, I’ve absolutely no intention of neglecting this blog.” And I didn’t have. None whatsoever. Honest.

Yeah. Right.

What I hadn’t allowed for was… circumstances. Circumstances happening. Happening with a vengeance in fact.

The full story (well, reasonably full) is in a coupla posts on… yep, you’ve guessed it, my other blog…

Cops get it wrong… again!” and “A dilemma for the cops“.

Plus there’s a few more snippets about it on another blog I have (I have loads of ’em)… FitWatch@TaW.

That’s the thing y’see. The reason I’ve been spending a fair bit of time with the whole business (at the expense, alas, of this blog) is cos I’ve sort of been involved with the folk the issue’s all about, right from the very start of what’s been known as “fitwatching“.

So there we are then. I’ve not just been neglecting this blog… I practically abandoned it. Bloody circumstances!

But now (dare I even whisper it?) it looks as though I may be edging my way back. Unless more damned circumstances start happening!

However (and here’s the good bit), I can fully justify all the foregoing and explaining it here at such length cos that whole fitwatching caper is all to do with photography. Well, my involvement with it is. An’ here’s the proof (heh heh)…

Shell to Sea demo, London 2008 _MG_4522

Sack Parliament Protest, London, 2006

Stop the War

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I haven’t been totally idle

My, what a busy little person I’ve been… knocking out a whole flurry of blogposts. “So where are they then?” did I hear someone ask? Or was that just one of my hallucinations?

Yeah, well, that’s the thing y’see. They’re not actually here. Not as such. Wot with them not being photo-related or anything. Nope. Not even tenuously. They’re sort of… er… over at my other blog; wot you might call my proper one.

But I thought I’d just post this to prove I haven’t been totally idle.

Heh heh.

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Back at the old haunt

Back to old haunts P1070957

Well, what a thoroughly miserable little photo sesh that was. More like a photo hiccup really. In fairness to me though (and let’s face it, I have to be fair to me… cos no-one else will be. Poor, downtrodden, unfairly treated little ol’ me) today wasn’t really scheduled for pic-taking. Wot with me still being in the throes of yet another lurgy type thing that seems to be enjoying my company far too much.

This’ll be about the third or fourth lurgy this year in fact. It’s just not fair. Clearly someone’s got it in for me. It’s not as though I’ve done anything to deserve it. Though I guess running up and down hills all over the place, sweating like a pig, then standing around for hours in a really cold wind doesn’t help a lot. Nor, a few days later, tramping miles an’ miles just to stand around for hours on end in the freezing cold (yet again) doesn’t help either. Or, only days after that, going out once more in the freezing cold just to grab a few pics.

But none of that could possibly have anything to do with it, could it? Or the other odd little occasions in between times when, barely recovered from one bout of the sniffles, I’ve either got meself thoroughly chilled, or soaking wet, or both… occasionally at the same time! I s’pose, on balance, I’m ahead of the game really. Doesn’t feel like it though. Not that I’m one to complain of course.

In fact, given the dreadful state I find myself in I hadn’t really wanted to go out at all. But needs must when the Devil drives as they say, especially when the Devil comes in the form of a bare cupboard, no fags, and no amber nectar!

The shock of such a discovery being sufficient to goad me into action so off into town I take meself and, after faffing around a bit in a few shops topping up all the necessary supplies (booze and fags top of the list naturally), find myself back at the old haunt of The Bear.

Clearly they’ve been doing some sort of promotion during my absence cos what do I find when I get there? The place was positively crowded. Another customer wouldya believe! Apart from me. Wow!

Back to old haunts P1070981

It seems as though Norfolk Oaf has found himself another mate too, and they look most suited to each other.

Back to old haunts P1070959

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Blogger Basics: Copyright (via Reid All About It)

Copyright, and copyright infringement, is an issue that much exercises the minds of photographers, especially (although not exclusively) professional photographers. So, when I spotted this article on “Freshly Pressed”, and being both a blogger and a photographer, it was almost inevitable that I’d click through.

Now, I’d already heard about the “Cooks Source” incident elsewhere (although unfortunately I can’t quite remember where) so it wasn’t news to me as such but, not having followed the case, I hadn’t been aware of the later developments.

The article makes for an interesting read (plus providing links to some handy resources) and demonstrates the power of the Web not just in… um… “facilitating” copyright infringement but also, sometimes, in helping to get matters put right.

Seems to me that one of the messages that can be taken from this is… copyright infringers beware! Especially if you have an online presence. Of course, if you don’t have an online presence but do have online access… tum tee tum, tum tee tum [nonchalantly drums fingers on desk and innocently whistles whilst vacantly looking around as the implications of that thought seep into the brain cells of the copyright paranoids amongst us]

Blogger Basics: Copyright The web was buzzing last week with the news that a small freebie magazine, Cooks Source, had allegedly committed a copyright violation by publishing a writer’s apple pie recipe and article without asking her permission. Edward Champion provided a synopsis of the entire incident and discovered quite a few other possible violations. The magazine’s dubious actions would have been bad enough, but the editor further inflamed the situation by her arrog … Read More

via Reid All About It

And this is what appears to be the final word from Cooks Source on the matter, wherein it appears they’re admitting to having been pretty much closed down Web-wise by the publicity their naughtiness has generated. So does that mean they’re now functioning solely as a printed mag I wonder? And if so… ?

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It happened again last night

Seems this photography lark has finally taken complete possession of my soul… and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that.

For, not content with spending far too many of my waking hours either thinking about photo-related matters or actually taking pics (though the emphasis tends to be more on the former nowadays, having moved on from the “let’s photograph everything I see and then some” stage), I’m now even dreaming about it all!

I first noticed this new development a few months back when I had the really depressing experience of believing I’d taken a load of absolutely super shots… only to discover that I’d just dreamt it. I attribute that confusion to the fact that I’d been laid low by some ’orrible lurgy and consequently my mind prob’ly wasn’t functioning quite right.

Not that my mind ever functions quite right of course, but when lurgified it tends to function even less quite right. Sort of thing.

Now I’m not saying that was the very first time I’d dreamt about pics… just the first time that I can recollect.

But, since then, there’ve been another couple of occasions when something similar has happened. Although fortunately, on these later occasions, I’ve been aware from the outset, soon as I’ve woken up, that it’s all been just a dream.

However, that doesn’t alter the fact that this appears to be a relatively new path that my mind’s decided to tread. And each time this path’s been trodden the “dream pics” have always been in black and white, and they’ve always been absolutely amazing. Far better than anything I’ve actually produced. It’s a bit of a bummer really.

What’s even more of a bummer is that, just hours after waking, I can’t actually remember what the photographs were of… just that they were bloody good. So I’ve no chance whatsoever of trying to recreate them for real. Oh poo!

The other thing I’ve noticed is that these dreams only seem to occur when I’m in some sort of lurgified state. Maybe there’s a connection, but I’m buggered if I know what. Or, more to the point, why.

The thing that’s prompted this bit of pondering is that it happened again last night. And sure enough, I’m afflicted with some sort of nasty lurgy that doesn’t seem to want to budge (chill? Swine flu? Bird flu? Bubonic Plague? Black Death? Who the hell knows). Maybe the two things are connected (lurgy + dreaming of photos). It’s all a bit of a mystery really.

Though I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of photography now encroaching on my dreams. Doesn’t it get enough attention from me as it is? Damned selfish I call it. In fact, I think I rather resent this encroachment. Particularly as these dream photos are always a damn sight better than anything I’ve actually taken! It’s just not fair.

Now, if I could just rig up some sort of device that plugs into me mind and transfers whatever images are there onto a memory card… hmm. On the other hand, knowing some of the things that flit through my mind p’raps that’s not such a good idea after all. Or at the very least they’d have to be X-rated. Um. Make that XXX-rated.

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