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The majority of photos on this blog are hosted by Flickr and, with a few exceptions, are published as “all rights reserved”.
That said, essentially I don’t object to anyone using the Flickr versions of my pics for non-profit purposes providing I’m asked first and I get a credit… a visible text link in the form “photo by fotdmike” or “photo by mike langridge” linking to this blog [] or my Flickr page []. Under no circumstances should the watermark be removed (where present) from the Flickr versions.

Embedding my Flickr photos on a webpage using the HTML embed code provided by Flickr for each photograph is also of course fine, providing the linkback is not removed.

Be aware though that release forms (where relevant) have not been obtained so appropriate separate permissions may need to be sought, and I can accept no responsibility or liability for third-party usage of my photos.

However, where my pics may be used in anything other than a non-profit context then that falls within the scope of commercial usage and will attract a fee. Basically, there are two models for such usage… either Rights Managed or Royalty Free (covering pretty much most of my stuff on Flickr, which in a sense constitutes my “stock photo” library).
Enquiries for such usage are of course always welcome.

This is also of some relevance.

Needless to say, all posts on this blog are also copyright though reblogging excerpts (with a linkback, naturally) is entirely acceptable!

[Updated 29 June 2010]

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Mike Langridge (fotdmike) asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of all original photographs and text published on this blog.

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