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A Fan for Life

Never ever allow me to hear a bad word said against the NHS again! For so many our cherished NHS and the wonderful people who manage it have been the only means that ordinary folk have had to access professional … Continue reading

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Another day another dollar…

another month another… mollar? No, that’s not right. In fact, its plain damn stupid. [Best I get my head sorted out before someone finally susses that I’ve totally lost the plot.] Anyway, the point being… here we are, another month, … Continue reading

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Update February 2011

How’s that for a truly unimaginative post title? Sometimes I do believe I excel myself. Anyway… yep, I’m still ’ere! Er. Not, actually. Not “here” as in “here on WordPress” that is. As in starting to post stuff again; as … Continue reading

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It happened again last night

Seems this photography lark has finally taken complete possession of my soul… and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that. For, not content with spending far too many of my waking hours either thinking about photo-related matters or … Continue reading

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Work? Don’t talk to me about work. It’s just one long drudge from start to finish. The trick is, to enjoy what you’re working at, then it’s not like work at all. It’s more like play; having fun… and getting … Continue reading

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