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That damned curiosity

And now for something completely different. Nor anything remotely to do with photography. Not even tenuously. So be warned! It sort of follows on from a recent little exchange between a photochum and I about words and phrases that we … Continue reading

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More messing with black and white

Not done very much photo-wise the past few days. So it must be a withdrawal symptom that prompted me into having another mess around with some black and white conversions. Here’s a slideshow of this little series (five pics in … Continue reading

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Or a psychiatrist

I guess HDR photography (although I suppose that more accurately it should be called HDR processing) is one of those “love it or hate it” techniques. For those who may not be familiar with the term HDR is short for … Continue reading

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Clout it with a hammer if it starts playing up

Technology. Specifically, digital technology. Isn’t it wonderful? Not! Obsolescence (we’ve another one planned for next year). Firmware “upgrades” (it wasn’t working right when you bought it but now we’ve fixed it). Malfunctions (it’s not supposed to do that, must be … Continue reading

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And check the blog

Hmm. Just been reading “Our Gigantic Impulse Control Disorder” (which, in turn, is a commentary on another blog post by some guy named Chris Brogan). And I wish I hadn’t. Cos it seems I now have to add something else … Continue reading

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