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FUJIFILM announces FinePix X100 (via the lazy photographer)

Oh wow! The gadget-freak side of me has been feeling the itch to get a new toy to play with for some time now. But there’s been just two tiny little details that have stood in the way… 1) not … Continue reading

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My, what a whopper!

Don’t think I’ll be getting one of these this week… Canon image sensor may redefine photography Camera maker Canon recently announced what is by far the largest CMOS image sensor ever made, measuring 202mm x 205mm (8 inches x 8.1 … Continue reading

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Clout it with a hammer if it starts playing up

Technology. Specifically, digital technology. Isn’t it wonderful? Not! Obsolescence (we’ve another one planned for next year). Firmware “upgrades” (it wasn’t working right when you bought it but now we’ve fixed it). Malfunctions (it’s not supposed to do that, must be … Continue reading

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And check the blog

Hmm. Just been reading “Our Gigantic Impulse Control Disorder” (which, in turn, is a commentary on another blog post by some guy named Chris Brogan). And I wish I hadn’t. Cos it seems I now have to add something else … Continue reading

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Scared the living daylights out of me it did

Damn technology, I bloody hate it! Supposed to have attended a meeting today. All sort of discreet and private-like so I ain’t gonna say anything about it so there’s no point in asking. Anyway, as the day of the meeting … Continue reading

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