Rather more serious stuff

Ok, I confess! If you hadn’t already guessed from reading some of the posts here, this blog’s a bit on the light-hearted side. Although there are some reasonably serious “think pieces” scattered around here and there, generally its a bit tongue-in-cheek and somewhat self-deprecating. Intentionally so.

Chatty, sort of thing. Anecdotes and ramblings about trivial stuff that are really of no consequence whatsoever. Liberally sprinkled with tales of my photography-related foul-ups, mishaps, and general stupidities. And the ongoing battles between various mates and I that, exercising artistic license, I’ve probably over-emphasised rather more than is absolutely necessary. Which is not to say that its not true. For it is. All of it. Heh heh.

Therefore, a bit of sniggering is quite permissible. In fact, I’m thinking of making it mandatory.

However, hard though it may be to believe, I do approach some things in a rather more serious vein. And if you want to check those out, you’re most welcome…

  • Images of Protest… UK style
    Social, political and environmental issues. A photodocumentary project. WordPress site with images embedded from Flickr. No text.
  • The Bedford Archive
    Images of Bedford and Bedfordshire, England. A photodocumentary project. WordPress site with images embedded from Flickr. No text.
  • TawNews
    Alternative news and comment, sadly all too infrequently updated. Self-hosted blog, text-heavy, with images embedded from Flickr.
  • PhArtists
    Creative photography. LoRes web-optimised watermarked versions of some of the images are also on Flickr.
  • FitWatch@TaW
    Documenting the activities of the police Forward Intelligence Teams as deployed against activists. A photodocumentary project with a heavy bias in favour of legitimate protest and opposed to intimidatory surveillance by the State. Self-hosted blog with text, and images embedded from Flickr.
  • yet another blog
    Personal self-hosted blog of social and political comment, the occasional serious moan, and snippets of minor local news items.

It’s just a shame that I can’t seem to take myself too seriously for too long.

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