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Photographs. Simply photographs.
Just photographs. For the fun of it. To share what I see…

…and sometimes to document what’s happening 😉

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Now a word or two about this blog’s title…

Renowned for my bumbling incompetence whenever it comes to using anything remotely technical (and, believe me, cameras are extremely technical far as I’m concerned) and indeed doing pretty much anything else, and wanting a name to convey the spirit of this (plus hinting at the disturbing fact that I can never seem to take myself too seriously for any length of time) I settled on… well… “Adventures of an Idiot”.

Actually, that’s not quite the whole story. This entire blog in fact started out in life as nothing other than a category in my principal blog, and that was the label for the category. But its still how and why I came to choose the name in the first place!

The “Adventures” bit referring to my (what I anticipate to be) mishaps and general cock-ups in pursuit of this photography caper.

And the “Idiots” bit… well, long story. But briefly, many years ago a particular Pagan/Druidic/Celtic-orientated group of which I happen to still be a member (and one, moreover, heavily influenced by the Arthurian mythos) adopted for a time the title of “Idiots of the Oblong Table”.

Suggested by the “Knights of the Round Table” as featured in the Arthurian Tales, the slight “modification” (ahem) intended as a satire on all those who pursue Pagan/Druidic/Celtic traditions but take themselves far too seriously (poor joyless souls).

And the “table” in question?


(A truly impressive hand-carved table but… er… a bit on the small side when compared to the legendary Round Table. Oh well. All in keeping with the spirit of the concept I s’pose. Heh heh)

The Fool

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