Damned circumstances!


Circumstances can make a liar of anyone. I know. Cos they’ve done it to me, dammit! Double dammit in fact. Grrr!

It all started a week or so ago (um… a bit over two weeks actually, but who’s counting) with that students protest in London against the Government raising the cap on tuition fees. So I was inspired to write a few things about it (and related matters) over at my other blog, like I do.

And there’s me, thinking that’s an end to the matter. But all that writing and exercising of the old grey matter took a bit of time (having to think tends to do that at my time of life) and so I thought (thinking again y’see… yet more time wasted) I’d best post a little something on this ’ere blog. Just to let the regulars know why things may have seemed a bit quiet kinda thing. Cos I’m considerate like that.

As a result of which, I end up having this chat with Technogran and solemnly assuring her, in the most solemn way imaginable (for me at least) that “No, I’ve absolutely no intention of neglecting this blog.” And I didn’t have. None whatsoever. Honest.

Yeah. Right.

What I hadn’t allowed for was… circumstances. Circumstances happening. Happening with a vengeance in fact.

The full story (well, reasonably full) is in a coupla posts on… yep, you’ve guessed it, my other blog…

Cops get it wrong… again!” and “A dilemma for the cops“.

Plus there’s a few more snippets about it on another blog I have (I have loads of ’em)… FitWatch@TaW.

That’s the thing y’see. The reason I’ve been spending a fair bit of time with the whole business (at the expense, alas, of this blog) is cos I’ve sort of been involved with the folk the issue’s all about, right from the very start of what’s been known as “fitwatching“.

So there we are then. I’ve not just been neglecting this blog… I practically abandoned it. Bloody circumstances!

But now (dare I even whisper it?) it looks as though I may be edging my way back. Unless more damned circumstances start happening!

However (and here’s the good bit), I can fully justify all the foregoing and explaining it here at such length cos that whole fitwatching caper is all to do with photography. Well, my involvement with it is. An’ here’s the proof (heh heh)…

Shell to Sea demo, London 2008 _MG_4522

Sack Parliament Protest, London, 2006

Stop the War

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