Back at the old haunt

Back to old haunts P1070957

Well, what a thoroughly miserable little photo sesh that was. More like a photo hiccup really. In fairness to me though (and let’s face it, I have to be fair to me… cos no-one else will be. Poor, downtrodden, unfairly treated little ol’ me) today wasn’t really scheduled for pic-taking. Wot with me still being in the throes of yet another lurgy type thing that seems to be enjoying my company far too much.

This’ll be about the third or fourth lurgy this year in fact. It’s just not fair. Clearly someone’s got it in for me. It’s not as though I’ve done anything to deserve it. Though I guess running up and down hills all over the place, sweating like a pig, then standing around for hours in a really cold wind doesn’t help a lot. Nor, a few days later, tramping miles an’ miles just to stand around for hours on end in the freezing cold (yet again) doesn’t help either. Or, only days after that, going out once more in the freezing cold just to grab a few pics.

But none of that could possibly have anything to do with it, could it? Or the other odd little occasions in between times when, barely recovered from one bout of the sniffles, I’ve either got meself thoroughly chilled, or soaking wet, or both… occasionally at the same time! I s’pose, on balance, I’m ahead of the game really. Doesn’t feel like it though. Not that I’m one to complain of course.

In fact, given the dreadful state I find myself in I hadn’t really wanted to go out at all. But needs must when the Devil drives as they say, especially when the Devil comes in the form of a bare cupboard, no fags, and no amber nectar!

The shock of such a discovery being sufficient to goad me into action so off into town I take meself and, after faffing around a bit in a few shops topping up all the necessary supplies (booze and fags top of the list naturally), find myself back at the old haunt of The Bear.

Clearly they’ve been doing some sort of promotion during my absence cos what do I find when I get there? The place was positively crowded. Another customer wouldya believe! Apart from me. Wow!

Back to old haunts P1070981

It seems as though Norfolk Oaf has found himself another mate too, and they look most suited to each other.

Back to old haunts P1070959

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4 Responses to Back at the old haunt

  1. technogran1 says:

    LOVE the photo of the lone guy sitting at the bar. Is that one of those old jukeboxes at the end? Fags? Booze? I dunno! Not very healthy Mike is it? Wrap up warm this winter and eat properly! Lots of warming stews and lovely warm puddings to warm you up from inside! 😉

    • fotdmike says:

      Fags + booze = staple diet. Oh, and gallons of coffee as well. Heh heh

      But you’re right. Stews (luverly… particularly if there’s any dumplings floating around) and puddings! Specially of the steamed variety. I’m positively drooling just at the thought.

      And yep, that’s an old juke box you see there. Well, not quite I s’pose. A reproduction old jukebox…
      Bear machines! P1070056

  2. ellyukrm says:

    Best bit about this time of year is stew and dumplings, herby dumplings, lots of ’em! I got a bigger pressure cooker precisely for the purpose – from raw ingredients to stew in less than an hour 🙂

    • technogran1 says:

      I agree. My mother always said that they ‘stick to your ribs’ (so helping to keep the cold out) Also suet puddings as well, steamed apple pudding with tons of lovely hot custard! Scrumptious!

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