Blogger Basics: Copyright (via Reid All About It)

Copyright, and copyright infringement, is an issue that much exercises the minds of photographers, especially (although not exclusively) professional photographers. So, when I spotted this article on “Freshly Pressed”, and being both a blogger and a photographer, it was almost inevitable that I’d click through.

Now, I’d already heard about the “Cooks Source” incident elsewhere (although unfortunately I can’t quite remember where) so it wasn’t news to me as such but, not having followed the case, I hadn’t been aware of the later developments.

The article makes for an interesting read (plus providing links to some handy resources) and demonstrates the power of the Web not just in… um… “facilitating” copyright infringement but also, sometimes, in helping to get matters put right.

Seems to me that one of the messages that can be taken from this is… copyright infringers beware! Especially if you have an online presence. Of course, if you don’t have an online presence but do have online access… tum tee tum, tum tee tum [nonchalantly drums fingers on desk and innocently whistles whilst vacantly looking around as the implications of that thought seep into the brain cells of the copyright paranoids amongst us]

Blogger Basics: Copyright The web was buzzing last week with the news that a small freebie magazine, Cooks Source, had allegedly committed a copyright violation by publishing a writer’s apple pie recipe and article without asking her permission. Edward Champion provided a synopsis of the entire incident and discovered quite a few other possible violations. The magazine’s dubious actions would have been bad enough, but the editor further inflamed the situation by her arrog … Read More

via Reid All About It

And this is what appears to be the final word from Cooks Source on the matter, wherein it appears they’re admitting to having been pretty much closed down Web-wise by the publicity their naughtiness has generated. So does that mean they’re now functioning solely as a printed mag I wonder? And if so… ?

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