It happened again last night

Seems this photography lark has finally taken complete possession of my soul… and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about that.

For, not content with spending far too many of my waking hours either thinking about photo-related matters or actually taking pics (though the emphasis tends to be more on the former nowadays, having moved on from the “let’s photograph everything I see and then some” stage), I’m now even dreaming about it all!

I first noticed this new development a few months back when I had the really depressing experience of believing I’d taken a load of absolutely super shots… only to discover that I’d just dreamt it. I attribute that confusion to the fact that I’d been laid low by some ’orrible lurgy and consequently my mind prob’ly wasn’t functioning quite right.

Not that my mind ever functions quite right of course, but when lurgified it tends to function even less quite right. Sort of thing.

Now I’m not saying that was the very first time I’d dreamt about pics… just the first time that I can recollect.

But, since then, there’ve been another couple of occasions when something similar has happened. Although fortunately, on these later occasions, I’ve been aware from the outset, soon as I’ve woken up, that it’s all been just a dream.

However, that doesn’t alter the fact that this appears to be a relatively new path that my mind’s decided to tread. And each time this path’s been trodden the “dream pics” have always been in black and white, and they’ve always been absolutely amazing. Far better than anything I’ve actually produced. It’s a bit of a bummer really.

What’s even more of a bummer is that, just hours after waking, I can’t actually remember what the photographs were of… just that they were bloody good. So I’ve no chance whatsoever of trying to recreate them for real. Oh poo!

The other thing I’ve noticed is that these dreams only seem to occur when I’m in some sort of lurgified state. Maybe there’s a connection, but I’m buggered if I know what. Or, more to the point, why.

The thing that’s prompted this bit of pondering is that it happened again last night. And sure enough, I’m afflicted with some sort of nasty lurgy that doesn’t seem to want to budge (chill? Swine flu? Bird flu? Bubonic Plague? Black Death? Who the hell knows). Maybe the two things are connected (lurgy + dreaming of photos). It’s all a bit of a mystery really.

Though I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of photography now encroaching on my dreams. Doesn’t it get enough attention from me as it is? Damned selfish I call it. In fact, I think I rather resent this encroachment. Particularly as these dream photos are always a damn sight better than anything I’ve actually taken! It’s just not fair.

Now, if I could just rig up some sort of device that plugs into me mind and transfers whatever images are there onto a memory card… hmm. On the other hand, knowing some of the things that flit through my mind p’raps that’s not such a good idea after all. Or at the very least they’d have to be X-rated. Um. Make that XXX-rated.

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3 Responses to It happened again last night

  1. ellyukrm says:

    Hhhm, lurgies and dreams certainly seem to go hand in hand in my experience.

    As to dreams of pictures being better than what one actually produces, I know what you mean. I just wish the internal image capture and download was a reality as I often see something and don’t photograph it as I just know that I can’t do it justice – the memory of it is nice to have, but sometime, just sometimes, I wish I could print it out!

    • fotdmike says:

      Hmm… many many years ago I had a quite nasty kidney infection and for a coupla days or so was in a highly fevered state… borderline delirium complete with hallucinations etc! P’raps its a similar sort of thing, the difference being one of degree as much as anything.

      And I guess the dreaming of pics is simply cos that tends to be the thing that currently occupies my mind most of the time.

      But why are they always so much better than anything I’ve ever achieved “for real”? Wishful thinking? Or something else? The mind saying “Hey, this is what you’re capable of if you try really hard” perhaps? Now that’s a quite nice thought actually. But why the hell can’t I remember what they were pics of, so at least I could have a bash at attempting them? Its damned irritating!

      Or maybe its the good old “LCD syndrome”. They might look really good in our dreams, but if we could actually print them out they’d turn out like crap! Heh heh. I think I’ll console myself with that thought.

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