With a modern twist

Samhain 2010 P1070402

Well, that all came and went rather quickly didn’t it? Samhain I mean. You know… Halloween, All Hallows Eve, whatever. But then, my sense of time passing always does tend to get a bit distorted this end of the season. Possibly emphasised by the fact that Samhain, falling on a weekend this year, also marked the day (er… night) that British Summer Time ended. Y’know, that weird thingie whereby us Brits either lose or gain an hour. In October it being a gain… i.e., the clocks go back an hour.

Damned stupid custom if you ask me. Never have understood it and, far as I’m concerned, they may as well do away with it all together. It’s of use to neither man or beast. And as for that “lose or gain an hour” business we’re not actually, in reality, losing or gaining anything at all. It’s all a huge con, just playing with words. Still, that’s the Brits for ya… gullible! And weird.

Talking of weird… as I was saying, strange things happen to my sense of the passage of time around Samhain. Possibly cos it’s a bit of a special occasion for me. Every year. For starters, I never work on 31st October. Not that I ever do much work anyway, not if I can help it. But what I mean is, I deliberately avoid work, as distinct from my normal casually avoiding working. Work for money, that is. Y’know, that filthy stuff we just can’t seem to do without, no matter how hard we try (and boy have I tried… even voluntarily sometimes!).

Every year I always arrange things so that whatever I may be doing work-wise (if I’m doing anything at all… which isn’t the case if I can possibly avoid it) I definitely won’t be doing it on 31st October. Cos its a sort of celebration see. A special celebration. Which isn’t to say that I don’t do anything. Cos I do. Lots of things. Just not for dosh. Y’know, that filthy stuff we blah blah blah.

This year the night was particularly busy with doing stuff not for dosh. Cos we had a plan! Well, sort of. As close as we get to ever having a plan. And, surprisingly, the plan worked out pretty much as… er… planned. Which is a far more unusual (and indeed unexpected) occurrence than you’d imagine for me and my little bunch of mates.

In fact, I hinted at it in the last post. Even offered a foretaste of what was likely to be occurring. And what was likely to be occurring was pictures. Lots of pictures. (Well, what did you imagine it was a foretaste of?)

Nothing unusual about that, you may think. The pictures that is. Hardly requires a plan at all. Except there was. And did. Cos these pictures were a tad different from the normal sort of stuff we do. Not much, but a tad. And deliberately so. That’s the main difference. Cos we’d had in mind to… um… shoot to a “theme” sort of thing. A story almost. In a looseish way. For the entire night. A bit of a dark theme/story you could say. Consistent with the normal fun and games that ordinary folk have come to expect at this time of year.

Samhain 2010 P1070752

Not that we’re into all that sort of popularised, trivialised, commercialised sort of nonsense usually. That’s all a load of old cobblers as far as we’re concerned. A bit of fun for the kids and an excuse for companies to produce yet more meaningless tacky rubbish that parents are conned into buying. Why is it that nowadays folk seem totally incapable of having a “good time” unless it entails parting with cash? What’s the matter with us all? And the more stuff you buy the less real value everything seems to have. It’s bizarre.

No, our Halloween celebrations are a different thing entirely. Customarily quite serious (which is not the same as mournful)… and for real. So this year was quite a departure for us. Although hints of it have surfaced briefly, curiously and quite unintentionally, in our celebrations of the past two years. But this year it was deliberate. And, as I say, reasonably consistent with the normal stuff that seems to occur this time of year. But with a modern twist!

Samhain 2010 P1070772

Not for us all that silly witchy nonsense with painted faces, masks, broomsticks, bats, cobwebs and the rest of the rubbish. (In fact, bats and cobwebs and strange ghoulish creakings and groanings and stuff isn’t even all that spooky for me… it’s just normal life!) Oh no. We thought we’d approach it from a slightly different angle. After all, if it’s meant to be a bit scary, a bit spooky, a bit “not quite right”… well… what alternatives are there?

Samhain 2010 P1070540

Heh heh.

Not all of the pics followed the theme mind you. Well, not exactly. But sufficient to make it… er… “interesting”.

Samhain 2010 P1070872

Great fun it was too. Thoroughly enjoyable in fact. Rather more enjoyable, come to think of it, than perhaps it should have been. Hmm. Maybe that’s something to do with the way our minds work. And let’s face it, being not quite right in the head department is one of our specialities kinda thing.

Interestingly, and possibly even a little bit disturbingly, it seems to me that the style of the pics (not necessarily their content as such) looks to be really just an extension of the direction I’ve been slowly moving in for some time. Mmm. Odd. “Where’s it all going to end?” I ask myself.

And somehow we managed to work our way through loads of photographs. Absolutely masses. Mine alone came to well over 500… which is a helluva lot more than I’d normally expect to shoot in a session, even during one of my day-long photojourno-type jaunts!

However, I’ve finally managed to whittle that down to a total of 60-odd. That’s still far too many to work comfortably in a slideshow though so for this present batch I’m foregoing my recently adopted custom of the slideshow and, reverting to my original method, will instead point you to the full set on Flickr… if you’re in the least bit interested. (The set includes the “Preparations for Samhain” shots I did the other day as well.)

Samhain 2010 P1070526

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  1. You couldnt be more on the money!

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