Delving into the murky depths of black and white

The door stands ajar... P1070289

Here we are then, as threatened in my last post, once more delving into the murky depths of black and white. And real murky the delving proved to be too! Both content-wise and… um… literally. I mean, I know I have a bit of a reputation for giving sanctuary to dust and cobwebs and stuff, but it’s getting a wee bit ridiculous now. Never mind though; 2011 is nearly upon us, which could mean it’ll be time for another Spring Clean. In the new year (which, according to my reckoning, is only a few days away!). Or maybe not. First I’ll have to ponder whether I’ve managed to save enough dust and stuff to make a Spring Clean worth the effort. Hmm.

A new broom... P1070310

And talking of things being upon us, so too is Samhain. Or Halloween as some may know it. Or All Hallows Eve. A traditional Pagan-type festival (which some of us Celtic/Druidic types and other weird characters claim to be the start of a new year, in a manner of speaking) and the only one I religiously celebrate every year… in one way or another. Although this year we’ve something slightly different planned.

I say “planned” rather optimistically for, as regular visitors to this blog will know, planning and me don’t really go together too well. In fact, planning and the whole little bunch of people I’m foolish enough to call “mates” don’t really get on too well. You might say we haven’t quite sussed out all the intricacies of that planning stuff.

Our minds just don’t work that way I guess. More accurately perhaps, I suspect our minds seldom work at all. Not in any way you’d easily recognise as work. Matching the rest of our bods really. On the other hand, and putting a positive slant to it, you could say we’re not obsessed with control. We don’t feel the need to control every little detail, anticipate every little occurrence; we’re just content to chill out and go with the flow. That’s my excuse anyway.

So, as a sort of preparation for this… er… “plan”, and to celebrate my return to the dubious joys of black and white, I thought I’d snap a few pics as a foretaste of the sort of stuff that’s likely to be occurring in a coupla days’ time. Or maybe not. Depending how the “plan” works out.

Preparing for Samhain P1070296

And then I added in another coupla shots or so that’ll likely take their place in that ultra-secret project I’m slowly working on. “Slowly” is actually putting it quite kindly for most of the time progress is virtually imperceptible. But that’s typical of me, so what the hell. In fact, I think I probably hold the record for giving a whole new significance to the phrase “making haste slowly”… emphasis being of course on the “slowly” bit.

Keep taking the pills... P1070339

If you’d like to savour the full fruits of this present little delve I’ve ever so thoughtfully (courtesy of the good folk at Flickr) provided a slideshow. (13 images)

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