Scrabbling around amongst the joists

In the loft P1070159

Should there be the slightest doubt or suspicion that my claim to idiocy is unwarranted or even mildly exaggerated then rest assured that it’s totally justified. The claim that is… not the doubt or suspicion. And I can prove it by offering up a classic example of my total inability to see what’s right in front of my stupid face! Grrr.

Strictly speaking I s’pose this should be regarded as a continuation from my last post wherein I described my utter failure to get the sort of shot I wanted of… er.. junk. In the loft. A failure brought about principally by the presence of wooden beam thingies obstructing my view. (Although the really crappy nature of my junk didn’t help a lot either!)


No, basically. Not true. A failure actually brought about by my total inability to see anything beyond the end of me nose so to speak. Or, rather more accurately, by being so locked in to the shot I had in mind that I’d become completely blind to alternative (and equally acceptable) possibilities.

Faithful to my innate obstinacy, being thwarted in my first attempt only made me more determined so I thunk about the whole problem a bit more. And it was after having thunk that I realised how completely stupid I’d been. Helped somewhat by Technogran’s suggestion (in a comment to the last post) about straddling those obstructing beams.

Not that I had any intention whatsoever of straddling them of course… that’d be silly cos I’d no doubt end up doing meself some sort of mischief. And thrashing around the loft howling in agony whilst tenderly clutching me private bits. Prob’ly falling through the trapdoor into the bargain as well. Though it does sound like the sort of idiotic thing I’d attempt. Anyway, I’d never intended to take a shot from the beams in the first place but rather from behind the beams.

The key to the whole problem was in one of the phrases I’d used to describe it… “No matter what angle I tried.”

Wrong! Sure, I’d tried every angle from behind the beams to get the sort of shot I had in mind… but from floor level sort of thing. Scrabbling around amongst the joists and the cobwebs and that ’orrible insulation stuff, getting covered in dust in the process. What I hadn’t done… what hadn’t even occurred to me… was to rise above the beams! Duh.

See what I mean by saying my claim to idiocy isn’t in the least exaggerated?

But Technogran’s straddling suggestion provided the clue. An “elevating idea” you might say.

So back up to the loft, this time with a taller tripod, and voilà… one shot of… um… junk…

Junk! P1070152

And it’s not too far removed from what I first visualised.

But now I’m left pondering whether it was worth all the effort. Sometimes you just have to do these things to find out whether they’ll work or not. I guess this will only really be answered when that highly secret project I’m working on (so secret that I’m not even gonna mention it… heh heh) finally sees the light of day. Ho hum.

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3 Responses to Scrabbling around amongst the joists

  1. technogran says:

    You are a tease! Yes, I meant to get higher up in view! Funnily enough, I can see in that junk a ‘creepy crawly creature that looks not unlike a giant flea or bed bug of some sort crawling in your loft space disguised as junk! See, you would never have noticed that creature if you had stayed lower down.
    It’s all about perspective I suppose. Nice shot!

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