Completely out of the blue

The prints arriveth!

Oh glee, they’ve arrived! Delivered yesterday morning in fact. Prints! Lots of prints. Black and white prints. I’ve been awaiting their arrival with a mix of hopeful anticipation and trepidation… expecting to be disappointed but hoping I wouldn’t be. And, apart from one or two that clearly need tweaking and reprinting, they’re all very much as I’d hoped they’d be. Gratifyingly.

Gratifying for it means I can now move on to the next stage.

Y’see, a couple of weeks or so back this rather off-the-wall idea occurred to me, completely out of the blue. A plan, you might say. And getting these prints done was the very first step in turning that plan into something approaching a concrete reality. Basically they’re test prints. Testing being an absolutely essential prerequisite to find out if there’s any mileage in an idea. Especially when its one of my ideas.

So watch this space for further details of the plan’s gradual unfolding.

Well, not this particular space. Cos this particular space will be moving down the page as more posts are… er… posted. Assuming there’ll be more posts of course. In fact, this particular space will move so far down the page that eventually it’ll disappear off the bottom entirely… making it a bit difficult to watch.

And this particular space is already filled with text and stuff so there’s no point in watching it, is there? So when I say “watch this space” what I actually mean is… oh hell, you know what I mean. It’s a stupid expression anyway. Dunno why I use it really.

And as for that “gradual unfolding” bit, its likely to be very gradual. For if I execute this little plan in anything resembling my normal sloth-like fashion then… well, don’t hold your breath is all I’ll say.

(Afterthought: Hmm… I wonder if that pic at the top of the post should be called a metaphotograph? Being a photograph of photographs sort of thing. Heh heh)

About fotdmike

Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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6 Responses to Completely out of the blue

  1. Vic says:

    A plan…. sounds very interesting and I’m already looking forward to further developments 🙂
    I’ve become quite a regular reader of your blog recently – splendid stuff !!

    • fotdmike says:

      Why, thankyou kindly 🙂

      As for the plan, if it goes the normal way of my plans it’ll either turn out to be a complete waste of time, or end up being something completely different to my original idea! But I shall endeavour to faithfully report on proceedings as and when they… er… proceed 😉

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