That’s a damn ugly piece of work!

Log into me WordPress dashboard this morning and… shock horror! What’s that abortion staring me in the face?

Seems its some sort of revamped stats graph. Hmm. All the relevant info appears to be present and correct but, ye gods, its ugly. Guess I’ll get used to it after a while though. But I think I now need a few special coffees to help me recover from the trauma.

Change… its a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

Isn’t it?

P.S.: I was gonna do a post about yesterday’s loiter by the river with the Norfolk Oaf, but encountering that ’orrible thing has driven all other thoughts from my head. So you’ll just have to make do with a slideshow instead!

[Edit 19:40hrs – Seems I’m not the only one to have this view. Without even looking real hard I’ve just discovered another blogger who’s not much impressed with it. And here’s another one! Question now is, how can we get our old stats graph back?]

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9 Responses to That’s a damn ugly piece of work!

  1. Ishana says:

    Change can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be a terrible thing. While I wouldn’t necessarily call this change ‘terrible,’ as the graph still presents accurate and up-to-date information, but I would call it an abhorrent abomination of aesthetics. Glad to know I’m not the only one needing some recovery time.

    • fotdmike says:

      “abhorrent abomination of aesthetics”

      – superbly put, and so accurate! Wouldn’t be so bad if they toned that horrible shading beneath the line down by about 80%

  2. Geez. I can empathize!

    • fotdmike says:

      I just hope a few more bloggers (well, ok, maybe a few thousand more) dislike it as well. Then we may be in with half a chance of getting something that looks vaguely similar to the old one back.

      I’m not holding my breath though 😦

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  4. Thaumauturgist says:

    I am with you. LOUSY BLUE MOUNTAINS RUINING my stats.
    There was some talk about this on the forum.

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  6. speakingofprecision says:


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