Terrorists fed up at being treated like photographers!

Terrorists have definitely been having a hard time of it lately, what with all the State’s attention rightly being focussed on harassing evil-intentioned photographers and their highly suspicious activities. Like taking photographs for example. How unbelievably dastardly of them.
Well, at long last the terrorists are beginning to strike back at this grossly unfair treatment. Not before time too.

Photographers are a blight on society, and obviously I damn them all to Hell, but I find the assumption that carrying a camera makes me some sort of ‘photographer’ insulting in the extreme

— Coventry-based Al Qaeda cell member

Read the full article at NewsArse.com!

A “blight on society” eh? I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Perhaps the most practical solution is for all real and legitimate terrorists to carry some sort of credentials identifying themselves as bona fide terrorists and not one of those scumbag photographers who’re hogging all the limelight. Some sort of biometric ID card maybe?

And blow up complain to their local MPs.

And form a properly constituted Union as well. Yep. Definitely form a Union… N.U.T. (the National Union of Terrorists). They could even identify themselves collectively… as a bunch of NUTters. Hmm. Perhaps not.

Anyway, then terrorists from other networks can join as well. After all, I’m sure it’s not just Al Qaeda members that are suffering from this disgusting lack of attention and being unjustly slandered with the odious label photographer. What about the freelance terrorists for example? And even your common-or-garden domestic extremist (aka amateur or part-time terrorist)? Who’s going to represent their interests if not a Union?

I mean, let’s face it, the good old organs of State have finally persuaded us that terrorists are part of our culture now. They’re an important part of our ailing economy, justifying all that extra manpower for security, and CCTV and stuff. And they have rights. Let’s not forget that.

So it’s about time we stopped treating them like second-class citizens or worse. And we certainly shouldn’t be tarnishing their hard-won reputation by labelling them as photographers… the dodgiest and most despicable bunch of retards people it’s ever been my misfortune to meet.

And just to remind everyone, your decent self-respecting terrorist doesn’t look like this. This is one of those scumbag photographers (clearly trying to grab all the attention again) that are responsible for the present dire state of affairs…

Photography is not a crime! _G106934

Er… me actually. Oops.

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4 Responses to Terrorists fed up at being treated like photographers!

  1. David says:

    What have I told you about putting photos of yourself into your posts? You should, erm…. MUST, give a statutory warning about photographic content that is likely to cause offence and scare people of a nervous disposition.

  2. ellyukrm says:

    Strewth! I’d not want to meet a dodgy looking character like that down a dark alley. Bloomin’ photographers, making the streets of our wonderfully free and enlightened country unsafe!

    • fotdmike says:

      And the thing is, they seem to be creeping around everywhere!

      Wherever I go there always seem to be some damn photographer suspiciously lurking around and doing strange things. They’re just not normal. No wonder everyone’s wary of them. Quite right too.

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