The day’s shaping up nicely

A pigeon P1050526

Today had all the makings of one of those days that you really wish hadn’t happened… but then are rather pleased did.

Started off with me supposed to be doing a little jobbie today. All very straightforward, nothing particularly complicated… but it called for a day without rain. Absolutely imperative in fact.

“Not a problem” thinks I with totally unwarranted optimism. Cos the past few days have been really nice weather so why should today be any different? Well, clearly, today should be different cos I want it to be rain-free. And why “totally unwarranted” optimism? Cos you’d think, wouldn’t you, that with a lifetime’s experience of… er… me that I’d know better? That I’d know today would be raining just because I didn’t want it to. You’d think that, wouldn’t you?

Hence the justifiable use of totally unwarranted optimism.

Anyway, about tenish and I peek out the window. A bit grey, but looks ok otherwise. So phone The Man to get everything laid on. Then phone mate to let him know our customary Tuesday get-together is likely to be delayed by an hour or so. Sorted!

Pack the bag, shove in a tripod (cos I’m likely gonna need one) and I’m all set to go. About an hour or so and a few coffees later decide I’d best start making tracks for town. Grab backpack, plonk hat on head, open front door… and bugger me it’s raining! Would you sodding believe it!

Quick rethink then. Best I call The Man first and postpone the jobbie. Then phone mate and let him know I’ll be at our usual meeting place the normal time. All very straightforward. You’d think so, wouldn’t you?

Yeah, but this is me remember. Try phoning The Man and, what a surprise… no signal! Try again with another, different, phone. No signal. Try phoning mate. No signal. How very strange. Cos only an hour or so ago there was a signal. A strong one at that. Useless mobile phones!

By now of course it’s getting to the point where I really should be leaving for the bus stop else I’ll miss the bus and then have to wait ages for the next one… which will likely turn up late. But the rain’s coming down reasonably heavily so I’m gonna need a waterproof on.

Turf my super-duper ultra-lightweight totally waterproof Berghaus jacket out of the backpack then (where it’s lurking in its own little net baggie) and unwrap it. “But is this gonna be thick enough to keep me dry and warm?” I ponder. Possibly not. So dump it on the table (though any sensible person would have returned it to the backpack where it lives almost permanently) and dive upstairs to grab something more substantial.

And all the while the clock’s ticking on. Er… not this clock by the way. Although that was prob’ly ticking away too, come to think of it.

Seven Minutes to Three P1050544

Finally reach the bus stop and phone both The Man and mate to let ’em know about the change of plan. And discover that I’m rather on the warm side. That nasty clingy sticky warm. Yeah, it may be raining (still) but it certainly ain’t cold. Not even chilly. Why on earth did I think it was going to be? And there’s no time now to wander back home and dump this totally over-the-top jacket (fleece-lined wouldya believe! Trust me to grab the warmest one I have… the winterweight one) for the nice lightweight Berghaus I’d stupidly left on the kitchen table.

I know there’s no time cos I can see the bus approaching.

Divest myself of jacket and just have to put up with getting a bit wet… cos I’d left the Berghaus on the kitchen table, hadn’t I? Fortunately the rain’s backed off to slightly less than a drizzle, so that’s not too bad. But what to do with the jacket? Can’t shove it in the backpack cos the cameras are in there. And whilst the GX10 is weatherproof (though I’m not sure it’d appreciate having a soggy jacket plonked on top of it for the duration… and the lens certainly wouldn’t) the Lumix isn’t.

Guess I’ll just have to carry it then. Now if there’s one thing I really hate… it’s carrying things. In my hands. Unless it’s a camera of course. That’s why I nearly always have some sort of backpack with me. To carry things in. Things that aren’t cameras. Things like jackets and stuff. Grrr!

Get into town and meet up with mate. But cos I hadn’t anticipated our normal meet-up we didn’t really have any plans for the day. Not even a vague sniff of an idea, never mind a plan. Consequently, no likelihood whatsoever of getting any pics at all. Of anything. Much less of anything specific. Or anything remotely usable in any way whatsoever. Bearing in mind I’m always on the lookout for stuff to add to our… er… “pharty” project. Heh heh.

So y’see, the day’s shaping up nicely to be one of those I really wish hadn’t happened. The icing on the cake being the realisation that I’m also lugging around the extra weight of a tripod that I’m not gonna use. Now why couldn’t I have left that on the kitchen table instead of the Berghaus? But that’s the kind of idiot I am.

Despite not having a proper plan (not that any of my plans qualify as “proper” anyway) after our usual grub break, and with the rain finally stopped, we go for a bit of an aimless ramble. Grabbing the odd pic here and there. And some of them were very odd.

Lurking under a bridge P1050431

200-odd pics in fact, as I discover when I get back home! Not that many of them were much to write home about, but there were certainly sufficient reasonable ones for my purposes. Y’see, I’d had a bit of an idea for the next (i.e., this) batch harvested from one of our little jaunts. Which I’ll get to in a mo’.

And things were definitely starting to look up cos I made a rather pleasing discovery. The Lumix bounces!

And I’m beginning to suspect why it is I like the Lumix… it’s “me tolerant”!

The first hint I had of this was a coupla weeks back. After having transferred a cardful of pics to the infernal machine I put the card straight back into the camera. That’s what I normally do of course. Ready for use again sort of thing. However, on this particular occasion I didn’t actually put the card in properly. Not pushed it in all the way so to speak. Which I realised just as I closed the lid thingie. Though it seemed to close all right.

Now what I should have done was instantly rectify matters. Undo the lid thingie and press the card fully into its slot. That’s what I should have done. But I didn’t. So eager was I to process the pics I’d just offloaded I promised myself I’d sort it a bit later. Afterwards.

And promptly forgot all about it.

Didn’t remember in fact until after my next little session with the camera… opening the lid thingie to extract the card to offload the pics onto the infernal machine. Lid thingie opened and there’s the card, sticking up much further than it should.

Then I remember why! Oops.

Odd that, cos the camera seemed to have been taking pics ok. P’raps it was writing to its internal memory. Of which I know it has some (I think!) but haven’t yet sussed out how it works or how to transfer stuff from there to a card and so on. Really should get around to reading the manual one day. And do something about my own internal memory!

So it was with some misgivings that I plugged the card into the machine. Fully expecting it to be either empty or full of corrupted files. But whaddya know? All the piccies are there… and they’re all ok! Well, in terms of not being corrupted they were ok. As for any other form of being ok, that’s a different matter.

To say I was pleasantly surprised would be something of an understatement. If it were the sort of word I use (which it isn’t) I’d say I was gobsmacked!

That was the first hint that maybe this ’ere Lumix is “me tolerant”. The second of course being today’s discovery that it bounces.

Lemme offer a tip, out of the kindness of my heart. If you tend to be the sort of person who has your camera slung over your shoulder instead of having the strap round your neck, and if you happen to be the sort of person who wears a backpack as well, then whenever you take off your backpack it’s always a good idea to remove the camera from your shoulder first! Cos if you don’t there’s a distinct possibility that it’ll fall to the ground. The hard ground. As in concrete slabs hard.

And cameras don’t like that. They don’t like it one little bit. Particularly plastic-bodied point and shoot type cameras. I know this. Cos the last time I dropped such a camera onto concrete I broke it. Irreparably. Or at least, not repairable within the bounds of economic viability.

The Lumix however appears to bounce.

Just as well really cos that’s precisely what I did today, in the back yard of The Bear. Dropped it onto concrete slabs, having failed to remember it was draped over my shoulder when I removed my backpack. Such was my eagerness to shed the weight of that damned tripod prob’ly. Y’know… that one I needn’t have brought with me. That one.

It was with something of a heavy heart that I picked poor Lumix up, fully expecting it to have gone the way of the Konica. But no. Seemed to work perfectly fine, totally oblivious of the maltreatment to which I’d just subjected it. In fact it was the test shots I did with it that pushed my total pics above the 200 mark. Yep. It’s definitely “me tolerant”. I knew there was something about it I liked.

Well, that about wraps things up for today. Almost. Just one final little thing though.

You’ll have noticed (unless you’re blind as a bat), scattered throughout this post, a few pics. Scattered here and there at random. From today’s little sesh with mate. But these aren’t all the ones I’ve uploaded to Flickr from today.

In one end... P1050621

And here’s the thing. “Presentation” I s’pose you’d call it. I’m always toying with different ideas about how to present pics here (not that you’d notice of course) and I’m also conscious that some visitors may not click through to Flickr via the embeds to see the rest of the pics from a given session. May not even be aware that’s what they can do.

Assuming they’d want to do it of course. Which is by no means certain. For let’s face it… having ploughed your way through the ones I embed here would you really want to inflict more of the same on yourself? Not unless you’re a glutton for punishment.

However, one of the ways I’ve sought to overcome this is by providing a text link to the appropriate set on Flickr. Which is all well and good providing all the relevant pics fit neatly into a single set. But very often they don’t. So I’ve been a bit scuppered really.

But I think I finally have it sussed.

For, here, now, and for the first time ever, you can see all the pics from today in a nice, handy, rather pleasing slideshow. Not 200 I’d hasten to add. That’d be silly. And no doubt a bit boring. Cos a lot of them were incredibly similar to those of my final upload. Either that or just plain crap. No, what I eventually uploaded to Flickr was more like 17! But wow. Isn’t that slideshow thingie thoughtful of me? Ahem. And nice of Flickr to provide the facility of course (credit where it’s due and all that).

And be sure to look for the slideshow link in future posts. Posts that have pics that is. Obviously.

(Only thing is, nowadays I upload web-optimised lo-res pics to Flickr no bigger than 640px on the longest side whereas the slideshow appears to display them somewhat larger. So quality ain’t that brill. Oh well, can’t have everything I guess.)

[Edit 30.07.2010 – Mate’s somewhat garbled version (having finally managed to get himself online), in which he seems strangely obsessed with all sorts of superstitious nonsense that have no rightful place in this wonderful technological age, is here.]

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5 Responses to The day’s shaping up nicely

  1. David says:

    I wonder whether it is something to do with Panasonics, my G1 bounced pretty well the other week, I had placed it kind of inside my camera bag whilst I went off to get drinks for myself and the beautiful one I have the privilege of calling my wife anyhow, she decided to swap seats for one with more shade, was the hottest day of the year and just about the hottest part of the day, anyhow she hadn’t noticed that the bag wasn’t done up so when she picked it up out dropped my G1, onto the concrete path! She owned up of course, when I returned with the drinks, I jsut calmly checked it fearing, expecting, the worst but was pleasantly surprised to find out that it had survived the fall.

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