This wonderful world of blog

This is one of those incredibly rare occasions where I post a pic that isn’t actually one of mine! Should be ok though (I hope!) cos, according to where it came from, it’s public domain.

The story first however…

Begins with me having a bit of time on my hands and nothing much to do with it. So, pursuing a recently favourite pastime of mine when I have an hour or so to kill, I check out the tags page on WordPress. Starting, predictably, with the “photography” tag. Dunno why I bother really cos, as often, nothing really grabs me by the throat and demands to be investigated further. Well, not to start with at least.

But then, and this is always what makes the whole exercise worthwhile, I come across a real gem. An image that instantly “clicks”. So naturally that’s what I do. Click, that is. Through to the blog whence it comes. Which, apparently, isn’t the real source… it’s been reblogged from elsewhere.

Click through again then, and come across a whole load of images of similar ilk. Wondrous they are too. Savour them for quite a little while, but always returning to that first one I saw. It just… sort of… I dunno. Hit all the right buttons with me I guess.

Anyway, idle time over and have to get on and do other stuff. So it all goes out of my mind. Er… not quite.

For hours later that first image I spotted is still there, in my mind. I just have to revisit it. Stupid me though, I hadn’t bookmarked anywhere… not the blog where I’d first encountered it, or the site to which that one linked. So I had to trawl through the entire photography tag again (by which time it had been buried even deeper of course) just to find it.

Well, if I’m sufficiently determined about something perseverance has never been a problem for me. And so I managed to locate it once again. And no, my memory hadn’t betrayed me, the image was as compelling as I remembered it being… even moreso in fact.

Which is when I discover that even the second site I’d visited wasn’t the original source. That I finally tracked down to yet another blog post “20 Historic Photos of New York City”. And that’s the site I suggest is really worth a visit. Especially if you’re into looking at old photographs.

For me there’s always been something quite captivating about them. The fact that this particular little collection happens to be of New York city is incidental. It’s the images themselves I find so absorbing. Yet of them all, this is the one that still draws me so strongly…

And had it not been for this wonderful world of blog I would never have discovered it. So now of course I just have to share the find.

[Edited 25 July 2010 to add this:

Shoulda checked more carefully to begin with! For once I’d finally tracked down the original page where this little Collection was on display so engrossed did I become in the wonderfully evocative images that I didn’t think to have a rummage through the rest of the site. Shoulda done!

Cos, having now rectified that little oversight, I’ve discovered the site will be closed down at the end of the year. Which means that in a few months’ time this post may be linking to somewhere that no longer exists.

Well, can’t be having that now, can I? More to the point, it means these marvellous images may once more slide into obscurity and I’ll no longer be able to revisit them and immerse myself in the feelings they evoke! That’s definitely not on. What you might call totally unacceptable in fact.

However, thanks to the kindness of the Collection’s original curator, Theodore Scott, and his extending a global permission under a Creative Commons License to reproduce his posts elsewhere with attribution, I’ve now mirrored the Collection here. Heh heh]

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5 Responses to This wonderful world of blog

  1. technogran says:

    I prefer this one as well. For me its the rays from the sun shining in the window, echoing those two’s shadows on the floor. Creating lines of perspective and added to that, all the figures in the foreground including those two and the other two walking towards shot, look to be in silhouette. Whoever took this photo had an eye for composition. Its stunning!

    • fotdmike says:

      Stunning is so the right word! And there’s a quality about it that makes it seem to “come alive”. Whenever I look at it then at any moment I’m expecting those people to start moving.
      There’s also something about it that suggests a scene from some black and white movie or other. A truly wonderful photograph.

  2. Maggie says:

    Thanks for sharing this site. I looked through the other pictures and this is on the better end but I find many of them interesting.

  3. I’m glad you liked it!

    • fotdmike says:

      I rather think “like” is something of an understatement 😉

      Although all the images in the collection are amazingly evocative, the one of the Grand Central Terminal is utterly compelling, closely followed by that “old woman carrying a heavy load”.

      Thanks so much for assembling the collection, and sharing it.

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