Don’t say I didn’t warn you


How truly sad is it when someone wot knocks out bits and pieces on a photography-related blog starts chuntering on about blogging itself?

Um. Er. Well, ok. So I’m a truly sad person then. Cos that’s what I’ve just done. Sort of. But I have included a couple of random piccies, just to justify its presence on an allegedly photo-related blog.

Won’t go so far as to litter the main page up with such rubbish though (that’d be just a bit too sad) so rather than a post I’ve done it as a page in its own right. Titled “This whole blogging caper”.

If you should be equally as sad as I and decide to take a peek at it, well, on your own head be it. And don’t say I didn’t warn you!

About fotdmike

Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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6 Responses to Don’t say I didn’t warn you

  1. technogran1 says:

    Read it. It’s easily explained. You have caught a bug. Not a physical bug. Not even a computer bug. No. It’s the Blogging bug. You KNOW when you have caught it by the symptoms which I might list in a blog post but the main signs are as follows:

    1. Taking your camera with the main intention and thought that ‘I might capture a photo that I can blog about! Hey, I can use that pic in my blog! or worse, I’ll save that pic, it might come in handy some time as an illustration for a blog post!”
    Your computer then rapidly fills up with nondescript photos taken of odd subjects ‘just in case’ you can conjure up some interesting story or post about it.

    2. You are also constantly on the look out whilst out and about for the most mundane occurrence or incident (such as your friends ice cream taking on a peculiar ‘droop’) in order to entertain your two readers and hope that they find it to be remotely interesting.

    Yes. Mike I’m afraid you have contracted the blogging bug!


    • fotdmike says:

      Aaarggh… I’m infected! Quick… get me the TCP, and the Dettol, and the Lysol, and the Nitric Acid, and the Hydrochloric Acid, and the Quicklime, and whatever else you can think of to rid me of this horrible infestation.

      And while I’m bathing in all that lovely cleansing stuff I must remember to keep me camera handy so I can take some pics of the process for the blog.

      [giggling madly as he reaches for the next bunch of crap photos to blog about]

  2. It’s highly infectious … but at least it revives the lost art of conversation somewhat …. and provides some release for creativity … without the expense of printing and publishing ….

    • fotdmike says:

      Reviving the lost art of conversation eh? Hmm. Think I’ll just put the Lysol and stuff away again in that case.

      One of my biggest criticisms of the internet, before I became “connected”, was that it would be detrimental to meaningful communication. Visions of hordes of folk all tucked away in their own little spaces, hunched over keyboards doing their “own thing” (whatever I imagined that would be), never talking to anyone “in the flesh”, never seeing anyone “for real”, sliding into a state of total isolation.

      So much for prejudging things eh?

      Though I suspect there possibly are some people whom that description would fit, if doesn’t seem to have worked that way for me. Since becoming “connected”, and largely through contact and conversations that have occurred online, I’ve become far more involved with and interested in things in the “real world” than I ever used to be. Bizarrely and contradictorily, I seem to get out and about more as well. And I’ve “met” (in a virtual sense) and maintained contact with many more folk than I would ever have imagined possible.

      All of that occurred just through “normal” internet activities. Now add into the mix the act of blogging and, well, its like another layer on the cake.

      I guess it all depends really upon how one uses it, and how willing one is to “give” in the “give and take” of interactions.

      And it’s still damn addictive! Heh heh

  3. “I can resist everything …………………………………. except temptation!!” as Oscar Wilde so aptly summed it up ….. but heck, what would life be like without temptation, and even more so without succumbing to it!!
    Since I started investigating this blogging caper, I’ve been delighted by the people I’ve met (so to speak) and the things I’ve both read and seen. It’s not a substitute for being face to face, and talking on the phone (or skype) is connects in a different way, it is the fun of seeing into another’s world ….
    Excuses for spending time blogging or reading blogs? … I’ve got hundreds, from being in a country that doesn’t speak English, to not knowing a lot of people here … the truth is, I like the people I’m meeting through the internet … and look forward to hearing from them … so keep on blogging and taking pics …. and enriching my life!!

    Here’s to addictions!!

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