Cyanide? Sounds right up my street!

Collodion photography: self-portrait in cyanide

The ancient collodion process produces images of eerie, mysterious beauty.

“Don’t be afraid of it. Art can be scary!” says Mark Osterman, as he instructs a group of students on the uses of cyanide. He offers further tips: have a fire extinguisher handy; put your ether in a different fridge from the one where you keep your food; don’t dip your hands in the silver nitrate… Read more

From the Daily Telegraph

On balance though, sod that. I think I’ll stick with digital! Just as well really cos knowing the extremes of the Nanny State in which we live I prob’ly couldn’t get hold of the required chemicals anyway. Not without filling in umpteen thousand forms and jumping through heaven knows how many hoops.

I once tried to secure a supply of pure alcohol and you wouldn’t believe how difficult that proved to be. It was only, finally, through the kindness of a pharmacist that happened to know me that I eventually succeeded (or as close as makes no difference).

And that was even before all the paranoia about so-called terrorists using chemicals to make bombs and stuff with. I think the paranoia then (or excuse more like) was all to do with drug-making.

And no, it wasn’t to indulge myself with… ’twas in the days when I used to be doing stuff like extracting essential oils from plants and things (cos I was into making incenses, perfumes, and aromatherapy), and alcohol’s a solvent for some of them.

Not that I’d want to drink pure alcohol anyway. The good old amber nectar will do me thankyou very much!

Back to collodion though, there’s some interesting examples here. And here’s some stuff about cyanide.

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2 Responses to Cyanide? Sounds right up my street!

  1. David says:

    of course, you might struggle more than me intrying to get hold of those chemicals, your probably ona few ‘hit lists’ for your other activities anyhow! Probably labeled ‘Potential Terrorist’

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