Completely different

Bedford Park P1040895

A pleasant, easy, chilled out day yesterday! Wander into town, hook up with mate, go get some grub. All pretty much as usual.
And as I now appear to have been relegated to the role of “jaunt planner” I’d actually come up not with one, but two plans! Ok, admittedly one was a bit half-baked… but it was still a plan. Of sorts.

Plan A. The original, “proper” one. That you could be forgiven for thinking was just a variation on last week’s little jaunt.
Basically, saunter along to Bedford Park, grab ourselves some ice cream, slob around, and maybe take the odd pic here and there.
Totally different from last week in reality of course. Different location for a start. And a definite intention to not consume quite as much ice cream this time. And absolutely no ginger beer.

In fact, no bottle of pop or mineral water at all (cos I forgot to get any). And then, later, I dicovered that mate had two bottles! Of Lucozade. My favourite. And didn’t share any. Damn selfish I call it.

See? Completely different.

Bedford Park P1040906

Plan B. This one actually occurred to me on the bus coming into town. Prompted by seeing a billboard that I really wanted to photograph because, if it said what I think it said (that I only briefly saw, in passing… cos I was on the bus) it could fit in rather nicely with another little project/rant I have in mind. One about something a bit more serious. So it’ll likely not get posted here. After all, I don’t want to bring down the tone of the place, do I?

So, Plan B was to wander over t’other side of town, grab some pics of that billboard. And then… um… well, I hadn’t really thought that far. But maybe wander along to the river (the southern side this time), pick up some ice creams somewhere, and just sort of slob around. Maybe taking a pic or two as well.

Do I detect a bit of a pattern developing here?

Well, we finally settled for Plan A. Cos it promised to involve less effort. And we don’t really do effort. Not very often anyway.

Thus off to Bedford Park we took ourselves. Walked the whole length of it. Acquired promised ice creams. And decided to go sit by the lake whilst we consumed said ice creams. Though mate could have looked a bit more cheerful about it. Prob’ly so glum looking cos his is the droopy one.

Bedford Park P1040862

Yep. Sit on a bench. Enjoy our favourite treat. Bask in the wonderful sunshine (well, it was a bit overcast actually; but very warm). And savour the peace and quiet of the surroundings.

Bedford Park P1040869

Peace and quiet. Yeah. Apart from the disturbing cacophony of all the damn birds and their young ’uns swimming around the lake. Ducks mainly I think, or variations thereof. But also with a few other water-loving feathered things. And you wouldn’t believe just how much racket they can make! I reckon they were having some sort of contest to see who could shout the loudest. Carrying on as though they owned the place or something. So much for our peace and quiet.

Bedford Park P1040882

And whilst we were sat there, working our way through our ice creams midst all that raucousness, I spotted something I thought might be worth wielding the camera for. Basically, a litter bin. Well, more like a silhouette of a litter bin really. In the middle distance. Standing in sharp relief, neatly framed by trees, against the open grassland. Real nice bit of contrasty stuff going on there. Problem was, a bunch of kids kept wandering in and out of view.

Having patiently waited for what seemed like ages for them to disappear, with a muttered “Oh sod it” to mate I shifted into dodgy photographer mode. Well, it just had to be done.

Bedford Park P1040872

Wasn’t sure whether the bodies would add anything to it or not (apart from the addition of bodies of course), but thought it worth trying. Yet it wasn’t until I’d offloaded it onto the infernal machine that I spotted that bench sticking out of the side of the tree. Oh well. That’ll be another rubbish pic then. So close, yet oh so not.

[Note to self: must remember to check backgrounds more carefully. How many times do I have to remind myself of this?]

Eventually, practically deafened, we just had to move on. And make our slow meandering way back to town.

Bedford Park P1040891

And I never did manage to get a pic of that billboard. Just hope it’s still there next week.

[Edit 08.07.2010 – Mate’s totally biased version, in which he quite unfairly depicts me as some sort of unimaginative ageing chav, is here.]

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7 Responses to Completely different

  1. technogran says:

    Nice photos. I quite like the bench sticking out of the tree actually, its reminds me of the sort of shots that I tend to take. Makes a change for a tree to have a bench seemingly attached to it rather than a branch. There could be loads of photographers somewhere in the country who spend endless amounts of time searching for just such a shot.
    Why did it have to be his ice cream and not yours? The droopy one I mean? Think yourself lucky that it wasn’t me accompanying you on this photo shoot. I would have swapped hands when you were busy looking elsewhere.

  2. fotdmike says:

    Heh heh. Even with the bench growth and the intrusive kids I still quite like it. And you’re right…. I bet there’s not many photographers with a pic of a bench sticking out of a tree 😉

    As for the ice cream, no, he wouldn’t have nicked it. I made sure of that by licking mine before getting him to hold it!

  3. fotddarren says:

    As if that would stop me…on second thoughts, it probably would, don’t wanna catch grumpy old man disease do I?
    As for the Lucozade, t’was the orange flavour, you don’t like that one…it’s why I bought them in the first place!

  4. fotddarren says:

    As if that would stop me…on second thoughts, it probably would, don’t wanna catch grumpy old man disease do I?

    The Lucozade? t’was the orange flavour, you don’t like that one…it’s why I bought them in the first place!

  5. fotdmike says:

    Bloody hell… I’ve got him in stereo now!

    Ah. The Lucozade. Orange flavour eh? Cos I don’t like it (you’re right of course… it’s the original flavour that’s my fave). Would that be a bit of getting your own back for the aniseed-flavoured sweets then?

    Damn childish tit-for-tat behaviour if you ask me.

  6. fotddarren says:

    Yeah oops not sure how I managed to be in stereo, but probably better than surround sound eh?

    Childish? me? never!
    [sticks tongue out]

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