Dammit they’ve nicked my best idea

follow our suggestion that the best way to learn to take one good photo is to take a few thousand really bad ones… Read more

That was the phrase that caught my eye, and prompted me to wail silently to myself “Dammit, they’ve nicked my best idea!”
Cos that’s where I’m coming from see… the notion that you have to work your way through taking tons of rubbish pics before you start getting to take the really good ones. Not that you’d ever have guessed that. Ahem.

Maybe it’s something to do with familiarising yourself with the kit and all the irritating fussy technical nonsense. Maybe it’s something to do with developing the “photographer’s eye”. Maybe it’s something to do with refining one’s critical abilities. Whatever.

Of course, there’s always the odd exception. The lucky fluke where just by accident you happen to end up with a really super shot out of a batch of a few hundred crap ones. Not by design, not by intent, certainly not by skill. Just one of those fortunate moments where it all seems to come together… at the same time. And to work right.

But you can’t rely on the brief moments when Fate smiles on you. They’re too few, and far between. And you certainly can’t rely on them if you’re thinking of earning any real dosh at this caper (I should be so lucky!).

To get more of those “pretty good” shots, deliberately, by intent, and cos you know what you’re doing (yeah, right), you have to do all the groundwork of producing stuff you may think is ok when you first get them off camera but, when you look at them after a good night’s sleep, have to ask yourself what on earth possessed you.

And of course you have to try learning at least a bit about how the whole photography thing works. Boring I know, but that’s the way it is.

Or so I think.

So there we are. With someone nicking my very own personal theory. That I came up with all by myself. And then having the nerve to send me an email about it! Bloody cheek!

Obviously I have to click on the included link then. To find out what it’s all about. And maybe, just maybe, hurl a load of abuse at them.

Well, turns out it’s actually all about organising (storing, managing etc) all those pics. All those thousands upon thousands of rubbish pics that you do really know, in your heart of hearts, are a bunch of crap, but just can’t bring yourself to ditch.

Right. Ok. So perhaps I got it a bit wrong. Perhaps it’s not all about getting inside my head and nicking my best ideas. And could it be, just conceivably, that maybe I’m not the only one to have thought of that approach? Could it? Hmm.

It’s a very interesting article too, with loads of handy tips and information. So if you’re in the process of organising all your pics (all those pics you can’t bring yourself to throw away… cos you never know when you may want one of them) I’d earnestly suggest you have a read of this first, before getting too far down the path of developing a system that, in the longer term, proves to be a nightmare to manage. Or even find anything!

Apparently the entire article was excerpted (by permission) from “Photography for the Web by Paul Duncanson, and it’s worth checking out…

Digital Photography Fundamentals: Storing and Managing Your Images

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2 Responses to Dammit they’ve nicked my best idea

  1. technogran1 says:

    I’m not even gonna be tempted to go off and read it least I make myself depressed. ALL my photos are crap but then every once in a while I look at one and think, hey that’s not half bad! That one in a million amongst the dross is usually a fluke, pure luck, but as I am not a professional photographer it ain’t all that important.
    Its why I won’t bother to ever buy an expensive camera. Just would be a waste of money. I do like taking pics, don’t get me wrong, but they are really just for illustration for my blog posts, which is my real love. Blogging.

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