What can possibly go wrong?

Hmm. I seem to recollect that in the post immediately preceding this one I made the utterly idiotic mistake of using the Fate-tempting phrase “good to go”.

In the context of getting some prints of piccies, bunging them in frames and chucking them into an exhibition of sorts somewhere. Plus certain other uses mate and I have in mind for said framed prints.

I don’t really know what possessed me. Chuntering on as though everything were all plain sailing, there’d be no hitches, and nothing could possibly go wrong. Well, no more than it had already that’s to say.
“Unduly optimistic” would be putting it charitably. “Sheer bloody stupid” would probably be more accurate though.

For it seems we’re now plunged into yet another trauma-filled stage in this ongoing saga.

Frames it is this time. And once again mate’s doing his bit for our little joint venture by sourcing them… sussing out prices, locating suppliers etc. Not a particularly onerous task you might think. Just a relatively easy bit of research really. What can possibly go wrong?

Ah yes.

What can possibly go wrong is that apparently we can’t find anything of the right bloody size! Would you believe it?

Y’see, we’re knocking out prints of 12″x8″… cos that fits with the default aspect ratio of the JPEGs produced by our cameras. I’m not talking about some oddball camera either. I’m talking relatively mainstream like Canon, Pentax, Samsung, Panasonic etc.

Seems it’s a fairly standard size for photographs nowadays… a sort of 2×3 aspect ratio. But frames for photographs? Well, forget it. The closest mate’s been able to track down so far is for 10″x8″ pics… a different ratio entirely.

Sure, we could change the size of what we output… chop a bit off either side. But we haven’t shot the pics we already have (and I’m talking tens of thousands here; not that all those require framing… in fact the vast majority don’t even merit printing, but that’s beside the point) in such a way that they can have a bit chopped off either end. Or even one end. Nope. They’ve been composed for that 2×3 aspect ratio. So we’re stuck with it.

Had we known at the very start that this little snag would arise then maybe it would have been a different matter. We could have adapted to suit; done things differently. But we didn’t. Anyway, isn’t it about time frame manufacturers got with the programme?

Surely we’re not going to have to get them custom-made are we? That’d put the price right through the roof. And talking of prices, let’s not even begin to talk about the prices we’ve been seeing. It’s not as though we want them gold-plated or anything.

Or are we being unduly optimistic in expecting to get such things ready-made, “off-the-shelf” and, of no less importance, affordable? I mean, we’re only talking about common-or-garden picture frames for heavens’ sake.

I dunno; just one headache after another. To say the whole caper’s beginning to get mildly irritating would, I think, be understating it somewhat.

Or am I being my normal stupid self and missing something quite obvious?

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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4 Responses to What can possibly go wrong?

  1. fotddarren says:

    This whole experience has left me somewhat jaded, tracking down decent frames for a reasonable price is a right pain in the backside.
    Still it’s gotta be worth it , right?

    • fotdmike says:

      Yeah, of course it’s going to be… er… worth it. I’m sure it… er… will be. Haven’t the slightest… um… doubt. Possibly.

      All we have to do is just keep telling ourselves that. And who knows… we may eventually even begin to believe it.

  2. David says:

    I would suggest taking a look at my friends at Zan Art http://www.zanart.co.uk/ based in Wilstead, they do pictures frames to order, I have had a couple of canvases (Oil Paintings) stretched by them (for a little project of my own!) and found their prices excellent and service fab as well, turnaround times pretty good, they have a price calculator on their site but that’s for 1 off’s I am sure if you were buying a few you would be able to strike a deal with them, cant recal exactly how their picture framing prices stacked up but they didn’t strike as that expensive considering they are made to measure.

    • fotdmike says:

      Cheers for that David, and I’ll certainly pass it on to mate… his department y’see 😉

      Though, if they’re custom-made, the likelihood is that no matter how reasonable they are they’ll still be too pricey for what we have in mind. For our own usage may be ok, but for selling on where it all has to be factored in to the final price, prob’ly not.

      Thanks anyway.

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