That’s what’s called opportunism

For years now there’s a particular shot I’ve been wanting to get… don’t ask me why, I just have a sort of fixation about it.
And all it requires is for me to be in the right place, at the right time, and with the right weather conditions.

The shot in question is something I’ve seen for real so many times, every time striking a chord, somewhere deep inside. And, having witnessed it some of those times since being into this photography lark my reaction’s invariably been: “I want that!”.

It’s a very simple scene really… Cardington Hangars, those rather ugly yet somehow captivating structures. Set in fields way back from the road although still appearing absolutely huge.
But not Cardington Hangars at any old time of the day. Cardington Hangars in the early morning, with day just beginning to break, and a ground mist rising… the Hangars looming out of the mist like a pair of strange ships sailing on an eerie sea.

Yet somehow, despite how often this occurs, I’ve never quite managed to capture it. Those three specific requirements have never quite happened. Not all at the same time. Not when I’ve been in a position to wield a camera.

Thought I’d cracked it this morning though. Just after sixish, sun coming up… and there’s a mist! Quickly grab the jolly old Lumix and dive outside.
Generally, at my normal ambling pace, it’ll take me about 15 minutes or so to reach the vicinity of the Hangars from home. Well, this morning I kicked into top gear and practically halved that time, arriving there about quarter past.

But alas, too late. I’m guessing by about 10 or 15 minutes. For the mist was by now far too thick. Of the Hangars? No sign. Enshrouded completely!

Misty morning P1040146

Bugger! Just my sodding luck!

And knackered to boot. All that rushing around for nothing. Morosely about-turn then, and start making my way homeward. To the somehow fitting accompaniment of rooks mournfully calling to one another (or so it seemed). Of which there happen to be quite a few hereabouts. Prob’ly why the nearby farm is known by the name of “Rookery Farm”.

Rookery Farm in the mist P1040158

Morosely grab a coupla shots on the way back, just so all that expended energy won’t have been a total waste, but I can’t really say my heart was in it.

Then, over there, in a field, what’s that I spy? Horses! Grazing. Hmm.

Horses in the mist P1040188

Best I go over to introduce meself then. Find out if they’ll mind me taking their photo. And they didn’t. Far too busy stuffing their faces methinks.

Horses in the mist P1040169

Just as well mate wasn’t with me cos he’d prob’ly have scared them off. He does that y’know. Particularly to sheep. As it was I grab me a handful of shots and, I have to say, I do rather like them.

Horses in the mist P1040172

Suddenly the early morning effort seemed completely worthwhile, for had I not made my stupidly mad dash along to the Hangars then I wouldn’t have been wandering back home at that time in the morning, along that road, in the mist. And I wouldn’t have spotted the horses. Result!

Guess that’s what’s called opportunism… or maybe serendipity. Heh heh.

Horses in the mist P1040163

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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4 Responses to That’s what’s called opportunism

  1. grungygran says:

    Horses seem to love having their photo taken, (and ponies as well) they can make really good subjects. I’ll show K these she loves horses and would expect it to be my first purchase if I ever won the lottery. (not that she can ride, so add to that riding lessons)
    I’ve taken the local ponies in the past and got some really good shots. Shame you missed the shot of a lifetime though. You’ll have to get up even earlier, maybe camp out near the hangers in a tent, camera ready

    • fotdmike says:

      Well, I dunno about loving it, but they certainly didn’t seem to mind it at all. In fact, I suspect initially they were a mite curious about what I was up to. Sort of came over to me to have a good old nose. And when they’d sussed it they just carried on with their business. Prob’ly thinking to themselves “Why’s that idiot taking pics of us at this unearthly hour, and in these conditions?”

      As regards the hangars, yep, I’m totally determined to get them. Somewhen. And even if that means staying up all night, well, so be it. Though when I finally do they’ll prob’ly turn out to be completely naff pics!

    • Lavon says:

      The paragon of undertansding these issues is right here!

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